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Please get yourself PSA tested. Even if you have no symptoms, it could save your life


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    Wow that video was powerful. I have booked again and was wondering if there was to be some additional fundraising like last year?  I would much rather sponsor something than just put £20 in a bucket  (on top of the £10 fee) as you can then gift aid it and bring in additional cash via the Government. 

    We are blessed to have Tracey at our club.
  • @charlton4ever

    You, and everyone else, can donate and gift aid on the link below.

    Only at 15% of target so far so all help gratefully recieved
  • Done.    Bump.
  • Just booked mine 97 time slots left.
  • Just do it.

    About 7 years ago, one of my best mates was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, by the time he went and got checked up it had escaped the prostate. We buried him earlier this year.

    About 5 years ago, I got the bastard too. But my mate had told me to get checked when I told him my symptoms and fortunately I got seen in time before the cancer had spread and thanks to the care of the NHS I'm still here and fine.

    The examinations and treatment aren't nice but they can save your life. Simple as that.
    Posted many times about this and will keep doing so ,so all you invincibles realise you are not.I got tested at Charlton and got the red letter,3 years ago,now all fine now but what would have happened if I had not bothered.
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    Booked up,glad I opened up & read this thread,thank you…
  • Speaking from experience. Get yourself tested, even if you’re only just 50 and think to yourself “no chance I’ll get it this young”. I’m coming up to 33….

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