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Under 9 Goalkeeper wanted

Hi guys, hope this is OK to post but my sons team are on the lookout for an Under 9 (year 4 or 3) Goalkeeper to join our team. We play in the Selkent B league and are looking to push on to get up to the A! If anyone has a child or knows someone who is interested in coming for a trial then please get in touch. 


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    Tip for a young keeper. Get decent finger saver gloves. Get used to them at a young age and they do protect your fingers through life. My son had them from an early age and his fingers are fine and won't end up bent and battered like mine and I only played the position for a few years when my knees gave up the ghost.

    Of course getting good quality gloves is expensive, as they have a limited life, but I would reccomend rather than get adidas or nike replica gloves, get GK Savers which are available on Amazon and E-bay. They are professional quality finger saver gloves at a more reasonable price. Not cheap but a lot less than the known brands.
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    Elfie’s your man…..look no further.
  • JohnBoyUK said:
    is this a message from Daniel Levy for a first team gk?
    Think Spurs should go for Caoimhin Kelleher.
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  • Elfie’s your man…..look no further.
    Will you be my agent?
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