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Little Charlton Never Speaking Out? Think Again

The Blues this week complained about the length of time it took goalkeeper Petr Cech to be taken to hospital after he suffered a fractured skull in Saturday's match at Reading.

But London rivals Charlton believe the Premiership champions need to get their own house in order after being unsatisfied with how full-back Djimi Traore's broken leg was dealt with at Stamford Bridge last month.

Addicks medical chief Wayne Diesel told The Sun:

Immediately after Djimi Traore's injury, I asked Chelsea's medical staff if we could arrange an x-ray, thinking they might have the equipment.

"In fact, they use a local hospital - as do we.

"But when we enquired about taking Djimi there straight away, there was a problem. The police would not let the ambulance leave the ground.

"When we contacted the hospital, we were told it would take several hours because they were busy.

"That's not the way we do things.

"We have a private ambulance for injured players both home and away, to take them to a hospital of our choice.

"You wonder if Andriy Shevchenko had picked up an injury whether their arrangements would have been acceptable.

"I would say we are ahead of some of our more illustrious rivals in terms of medical care."

But Chelsea director of communications Simon Greenberg said: "We are very confident of our medical facilities.

"This issue was never raised with us at the time or immediately after the match, which probably says a lot."


  • Typical Chelsea Condescending response. They really can do no wrong can they. Mourinho who I actually like has made himself look a right twat with the comments re Cech & the Ambulance times, just trying to pour petrol on the fire so they can get Hunt charged if you ask me.
  • Those quotes look familiar - didn't Diesel say that in the programme a few weeks back?
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