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Anyone planning to go to Brighton game tomorrow, TUESDAY?

Please tell us in detail how you expect that to pan out, say in 20 words, like departure time, place, expected score, how you will or won't be avoiding 6,000 or more Brighton en route.

A little psycho-sociological study, thanks


  • Will be plenty of space at the ground. Fancy us to win tonight but struggle on Wed.
  • Is the psycho-sociological study to see if we notice you’ve got the day wrong?
  • From what I’m reading, I still fancy that there will be some poor sods turning up tonight.
  • sadly going  must of been a moment of madness to purchase a ticket 
  • Anyone going on Tuesday will avoid Brighton fans as they will be going Wednesday 

    There under 20 words 
    You need to include the spaces in your word count, and the double line break counts too!
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