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    Thank you for that. I agree with the comment towards the end. It’s heartening that we have some great people involved in trying to influence and protect the future of the club. 
    As for what will happen though, I am fairly pessimistic. I just want his all to be over, but it’s hard to see a plausible route to a good outcome. 
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    If you were an old Belgian guy and owned a club where you were not popular - why not sell it for £1 to somebody who could front it ?
    Then you could carry on in the same vein without any of the agg from the fans. 
    Just a thought, and no basis in fact. 
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    edited December 2022
    Hope the “new bidders” don’t have a guitar 🤣
    for me when he cringingly walked across the pitch playing that guitar  embarrassing and one big ego.

    football wise we are awful we play awful the team is simply not good enough 

    problem we are Charlton till we  die and I 
    this guy don’t give a dam -

    Wait till he sells one or two in January and we bring in a few loanees 

    imagine if leaburn had played every game he would be a target 

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