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RIP Jet Black

The Stranglers drummer has passed away aged 84. RIP, and thanks for the music, Jet. 


  • Thought he'd died a few years ago. I know he'd stopped doing anything through I'll health ages ago. Made some great music. RIP
  • RIP.

    Maybe he’s on that great beach in the sky looking at some peaches. 
  • RIP loved his stuff
  • Sad news. RIP
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    My favourite group, seen them more times than I can remember, gutted that's two of them in the last year or so.

    Cheers Jet

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    Oh no. Just seen this. My favourite band back in the day and what a character. Re-forming with Dave Greenfield back on keyboards! Been expecting it for years tbh, but still a shock.

    RIP Jet & thanks 

    Edit- we're running short of heroes!
  • RIP and a great drummer and band.
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    Founder of the mighty Stranglers - I never thought the records, brilliant as they were, captured what a powerhouse of a drummer he was. If time travel was available I’d have a double header with a floodlit game at The Valley in the late 70’s and one of the original Stranglers gigs.

  • Going to see what's left of the Stranglers next march. But after Dave passed away, that's two in a year.
    Loved the Stranglers and saw them over and over - some terrific memories. Jet Back was a founder and leader. And now he'll be jamming with Dave in the sky.
    RIP Jet - may heaven be Golden Brown

  • whatever happened to all of the heroes ? .. R I P
  • An integral part of my favourite band from 1977 to 1990. RIP Jet Black.
  • RIPJet. Legend.
  • Massively underrated drummer and band.

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    Awe man, that's my band.
    Not Jet Black?

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  • Out most of yesterday and hadn't seen this. 

  • well in his mid 30's when forming the (Guildford) Stranglers and probably the oldest active punk rocker
    good chance he was already the wealthiest punk as he'd run various businesses including a string of ice cream vans before returning to drumming
    designed his own kick drum pedal too
    JJ Burnel now the last remaining original member still active in the band
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