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30 years ago today

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It's hard to believe that it's 30 years since we finally got back to the Valley. Seems like just yesterday. 

It's sad to see the declining support at Charlton when you compare it to the start of our rise in support and status that begun on the 5th December 1992. 

To all those who were their that day, happy back the the Valley day.


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    Can remember the day as if it were yesterday. Big meet up in Woolwich and the gentle stroll to the Valley. Took my seat in the JS stand early and soaked it all in. Such a happy and sad day for me. We had returned to our spiritual home but my dad, my hero, wasn’t there to share it as he’d passed a couple of months earlier. But I’m sure he was there in spirit looking down. Dread to think what he’d make of our current predicament 
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    I was there while my wife was in hospital expecting our first born. Thankfully he waited until the 11th. *Walsh now works full time in football as a social media manager for a successful football academy in London.

    *I wasn't going to call him COLIN !
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    Sorry @TEL, @_MrDick and @soapboxsam, would you mind updating the stickied post? That way we won't lose those memories amongst the multitude of other threads on here.
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