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What is the best individual performance by an opposition player you have seen?



  • Away to Bournemouth about 2014/5, Callum Wilson beating Wiggins for pace. Nobody else in our division could do that at the time. 
  • The Gazza game at Selhurst, was that the one we were 1-0 up and Leaburn hit the post from 2 yards out and no goalie in sight and they went up the other end and equalised? 

    Someone scored an overhead kick (Mitchell Thomas maybe) 
  • Another Shithurst Park game against Liverpool, a certain Ronny Rosenthal making his debut for Liverpool scoring the perfect hat trick in a 4-0 demolition of us on their way to the title, certainly remember that one...

    They were unplayable that game - correct me if I am wrong - he scored one with the left foot, one with the right foot, and the last with his head 

    All from a player who missed the most open of open goals later in his Liverpool at Anfield 😳

    But also Gazza with Spurs at Shithurst - the best footballer England has produced in my lifetime (I was born in 1970) - in that game he was a joy to watch - even though he was playing against us

    And an honourable mention to Duncan Ferguson - no way the best oppo player against us - but fucking hell, he always tore us a new A hole - hated him against us 

    You are correct with Ronny,..Right, then Left, last with his Head, it was a pain to watch but at the same time brilliant, also remember the Gazza game, another one man game and again brilliant, and a pain at the same time, so two contenders there Flash...👍
    And wearing their soon to be a classic silver strip as well 
  • Deeney or Igahlo in the 5 nil defeat 
  • Andrei Kanchelskis when Man Utd had gone down to ten men in the Cup game tore us a new one.
    This was my first thought. Still over 30 years later it gives me nightmares how fast and skillful he was. 
  • John Barnes was a joy to watch as a kind of quarterback in a league cup game once at The Valley. I remember Darius Vassell running us ragged once too. Probably the fastest player I have ever seen with my own eyes. Teddy Sheringham was unplayable the last time I saw him play, can't remember which game it was but he was so classy no matter how the ball came at him. 
  • Losing 7-1 away at Luton in the 70s. A bloke called Husband got four. Can't remember if it was an outstanding performance by him or, more likely, a dreadful performance by us.  Also remember thinking Trevor Brooking was total class in a 70s league cup match at the Valley. Reckon there were 40,000 at the Valley that night.
  • There's been quite a few but one, for what it meant for his club, that stuck in my mind was Fraser Forster's performance in goal for Norwich when they won 1-0 at the Valley to take them up. We actually played really well that day but just couldn't find a way past him. That was some 12 years ago and since then he's played for Celtic, Southampton and is now Spurs number two but the way Lloris is playing he might even get some game time this season for them!
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    Random one but I vividly remember watching Marco Gabbiadini score a quick-fire hat-trick against us for Sunderland at Upton Park in a midweek game, and thinking, ‘Wow, if only we had a striker like that.’ 
    So, pretty much like now tbh.
    A young Heskey for Leciester stood out too. Agressive pacey tall winger at the time. 
  • Solidgone said:
    George Best when we played (i think) Arsenal? in a testimony.  GB played for both teams - half and half.
    I thought of this as soon as I saw the thread title, yes it was only a testimonial but I'm sure it was Arsenals first team & George was head & shoulders above every player on the pitch, absolutely outstanding.
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  • Shithouse Park and an unplayable Ronnie Rosenthal Hatrick for Liverpool. He was unlucky to only get three that night.

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    seth plum said:
    Rodney Marsh when Queens Park Rangers beat us 3-2 in an FA Cup game at the Valley after we had raced into a 2-0 lead.

    I thought it was a league match as we were both in the Championship (second division then) ?
    The Covered end sang 'Rodney is a fairy' 
    Marsh goes on to score a hat trick and as his third goal went in, Rodney does a curtsy.

    The FA cup game when we were 2-0 up and lost 3-2 was the home tie against the mighty Ipswich Town under Bobby Robson when we caught them cold with early goals by Hales and Robinson before the whole Ipswich team woke up and showed their class. 

    The Second half at Old Trafford after 10k Charlton fans had sung 'things can only get better' at HT 0-0 after the great Dane had been sent off before Kanchelskis ran riot and was MOM; 3-1 defeat inflicted by the Double winners.

  • Ryan Giggs in that 3.3 draw at The Valley.. He was unreal that day. And we were pretty good that day too
  • Chilton and Wagstaff when we lost 4-1 (I think) to Hull
  • Seem to remember Butland having an absolute stormer against us for Brum
  • I was always thought Tony,  Tony Galvin , Tony Galvin on the wing had a blinder whenever we played them 
  • First one that came to mind was Forster in goal for Norwich (2010?)
    They got promoted that day but we absolutely dominated the match. 
  • Phil Walker for Millwall in the 70's a few years before we signed him 
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  • I remember Stan "The Dogger" Collymore terrifying the life out our defence up at the City Ground one year shortly after he signed for Forest from Southend. Somehow we got out with a 1-1, after Alan McCleary equalised. Collymore was exceptional that day though.

    Karl Henry had a stormer for Wolves in midfield at the Valley in 2008 under Pards as our promotion push stumbled. I think it was a Saturday evening live on sky and he capped off a masterful performance by scoring a late winner to make it 2-3. I think Leroy Lita may have scored for us.

    Also agree with the aforementioned Paul Parker and Ronny Rosenthal performances.
  • Its to depressing to look back to the prem days so I'm going with Perkins of Barnsley.
  • Mark Robson for West Ham, at The Valley,  during the 92/93 season. He ripped Darren Pitcher to shreds over & over & over again.

    Frasier Forster again. A stupendous goalkeeping performance.
  • I was going to say Perkins! But now a bunch of you have said him too so I'll have to come up with something else. Conor Coventry was on a similar level for MK Dons last season at The Valley, we couldn't touch him
  • But really, that Ross McCormack four-goal show in a game we otherwise dominated takes the biscuit for me. He was stupid good that day
  • A couple of performances not yet mentioned that although not in the superstar mould, (I thought) were outstanding are Kyle Lafferty for Burnley. Can’t remember the year but it was a night game at the Valley. When we signed Andy Gray I remember thinking we should’ve gone for Lafferty.
    Also Sheffield United’s Stephen Quinn caused us all sorts of trouble in another match at the valley.
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    Mine was back in the days when we were at Smellhurst Park.
    A night game versus Fulham…..Paul Parker was absolutely from another planet that night, the ball was attracted to him like a magnet, time after time he intercepted passes, won tackles and cleared headers. Just how he continued with such stamina and coolness I will never know. At one stage we were throwing the kitchen sink at them in wave after wave but he was like having a twelfth man on the pitch…..truly outstanding. It literally became us versus Paul Parker.
    I remember talking to him in the lounge after the game and saying come and sign for us Paul, he just smiled and thanked me, I also remember thinking how small he was……5ft 5in……1.7mtrs. Unbelievable Jeff!
    Yes that performance by Paul Parker springs to mind brilliant display almost a shame we won, though on the balance of play we deserved it on the night.
  • Fraser Forster with the best goalkeeping performance I’ve ever seen when Norwich beat us 1-0 to get promoted. Must have made 4/5 world class saves. We absolutely battered them.
  • The Sunderland defence when we won 3-1 up there with three own goals in about 15 minutes. 
  • Don Rogers for Swindon 1969 at the county ground.
    We lost 5-0, Rogers tore us apart Peter Noble scored a hat trick playing up front with
    Arthur Horsfield, when we signed Horsfield a couple of years later I moaned saying we should have signed Noble, how wrong can you be King Arthur turned out to be one of my favourite all time players.
    Rogers went on to star for Palarse.
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