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Ronnie Radford RIP

Ronnie Radford, scorer of one of the most iconic goals in FA Cup history, has died at the age of 79.


  • Oh really sad news indeed……that goal often gets rolled out when FA Cup memorable moments get mentioned.
    The crowd invaded the pitch, a great moment in the city of my birth.
  • RIP. The ultimate underdog goal that springs to mind whenever the early rounds of the FA Cup come around 
  • RIP. I always think of kids in anoraks running on the pitch when I hear his name.
  • That is sad news. I can remember that as if it was yesterday and one of my favourite FA cup memories from my childhood. The FA cup as it truly should be.

  • RIP A great goal and an equally great pitch invasion.

  • Brilliant goal. 9 times out of ten a player would probably have skied that over the bar. It caught it just right.
  • RIP

    A glorious moment for the player, the club and fans, and indeed Motty 
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  • A fantastic goal by Ronnie that emphases one of the greatest moments of the FA cup. He will always be remembered.

    RIP Ronnie.
  • RIP. An iconic moment I can remember watching on telly aged 7. And there's not many of those
  • Brilliant goal. 9 times out of ten a player would probably have skied that over the bar. It caught it just right.
    I think you're being very generous with those odds. 99/100 might be nearer the mark, what with the state of the pitch and the weight of the ball back then. He couldn’t have hit it sweeter though for sure. 

    RIP Ronnie. 
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    His name will live for ever, the man whose fantastic goal brought about the friendliest ever pitch invasion  .. R I P
  • Indelible memory.
    RIP Ronnie.
  • RIP FA Cup legend
  • RIP Ronnie Radford.

    You have your own legendary place in the annals of the game.
  • Very sad news... RIP - Especially with Hereford vs Portsmouth on Friday.
  • Sad News. Will always be remembered for one of the greatest goals ever scored in the Cup. RIP
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  • His place in the history of the oldest (and greatest) football cup competition in the world is secure.

    RIP Ronnie
  • RIP Ronnie.

    Many people think it was the winner but it was an equaliser that took the game to extra time. Ricky George got the winner. Now, where did Radford and George play together?
  • Just done a lovely piece on him on BBC2. 

    Hereford take on Portsmouth in MOTD live.
  • Remember match of the day that evening. A wonder goal. RIP legend.
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