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Post-match Thread: Charlton v MK Dons | Tuesday 25 October 2022

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Rooted to the bottom of the table, MK Dons arrived at the Valley in poor form to face a Charlton side with a bit of momentum after three straight wins. Ben Garner made a couple of changes to the side, resting Sessignon for Clare on the left, and moving Rak-Saki in behind or next to Stockley. The change proved troublesome to say the least, as we pushed down the left time and time again, but Clare’s lack of a left foot constantly stymied us. MKD were content to leave us possession and counter, which led to three chances in the first half that they should have done much better with. We went into the break even.

The second half saw a bit more drama than the first. Ryan Innis, already on a yellow card, was adjudged to have brought down their striker and MKD were given a penalty. Innis was sent off. Was it a foul, or was Innis merely stronger? Was it in the box? A good case can be made that the foul was outside the box. Nonetheless, MKD dispatched the penalty to take the lead and finish out the match against ten men. 

A few changes were made, with Sessignon and Aneke coming on. We looked a little better and attacked with more impetus, but it was never going to be enough.

To compound matters, MKD scored from a well taken free kick to kill the game and take all three points.

Truth be told, with the lion’s share of possession, we barely troubled their keeper. I fear that, rather than a lack of confidence, we approach matches as though we’re better than we actually are. I don’t think we could afford to rest Sessignon, to effectively play a weaker partnership down the left, as we needed a good start to put pressure on MKD and compound their insecurities. We didn’t do that, perhaps because we’re too clever by half.

Charlton 0 MK Dons 2


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    Typical Charlton.
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    1StevieG said:
    Why anyone would clap Innis off is beyond me. Get rid of him ffs, gave the ball away twice under no pressure whatsoever and then rightly gets sent off. 

    Harsh foul, harsh yellow, harsh pen, that's why he was clapped.
    Easy second yellow and a free kick.
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    Croydon said:
    Awful. Draw a line under it, never play Clare at RB again, move onto Saturday. 
    Left back.

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    Game no. 1162 for me and it makes my top 20 shit ones. MK's lack of ambition/tactical nous, meant we had to commit so many men forward...they were always going to hit us on the break.

    Thought the Inniss thing was outside the box. 

    Kirk up front did not work at all and probably only Fraser comes out with any credit for any significant forward thinking...some decent balls through and up to Rak-Sak. 

    Sessegnon has had his rest now and should keep Clare consigned to the bench for the foreseeable. 
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    Garner very level headed in his analysis, couple of digs at the ref though.
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    Garner blames ref shock
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