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Stanley Mills son of Danny

Don't want to give to much away as some people as yet may not have received the latest copy of the Mod fanzine.
Stanley is really making people take notice up at Everton, to the extent they are disinclined to send him out on loan.
I hope he is not flaky like his dad who never liked getting stuck hum.


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    Can you decode yourself please?
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    Thought it was a hammer horror film 
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    MrLargo said:
    Hope Stanley's less of an obnoxious tosser than his dad was/is.

    That will be the case...

    If if gives a motm performance on the 23rd of December and makes sure he only gets sent off in stoppage time and its after a comfortable 2 or 3 gd lead.

    Then he can enjoy himself get an m&s turkey live the Christmas spirit dream whack on eastenders followed by whacking on a ps5
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    Don’t care about Danny and unless he is signing for us not really interested in him.

    With that surname, is he named after a 1850s Lancastrian workplace

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    I liked Danny Mills, it was his sale that allowed the remainder of the relegated team to return as ‘Championes’ the following season.
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    I preferred the other Danny mills. Anyone know what he is up to these days
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    I thought Stanley Mills was where they make cotton in Accrington 
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    I hope he’s gone full Yorkshire and given his son the middle name Arkwright.
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    Sounds like an out-of-town fashion outlet
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