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House refurb advice needed

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Wonder if any of you kind people can help?
My wife has been moaning on at me that she is bored and wants a project, so I bought her this at auction

Now don’t get me wrong, it is a bit rough around the edges, but think once we get those windows replaced with some white gold (great series on uPVC salesmen), it will look a million dollars, which at todays rates is a tidy few quid.
Does anyone know of a handyman who might be interested?

We never actually viewed the property prior to the auction, so was bowled over when we found this at the rear

The problem we have with this is that we are not sure whether to keep it, or stick a roof on it and turn it into a grow.

Appreciate your help.


Tony (Robbo on the Wing) :-)


  • christ, I'd dread to think what it would cost to heat that pool!
  • I dont remember a swimming pool at that venue when I got married... Hmm, this might well be a bad bit of Photoshop editing if you ask me
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