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Charlton Athletic Holiday and Travel Club 1992

Any one book a holiday/trip via the Charlton Athletic Holiday & Travel Club back in 1992….


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    Did anyone come back?

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    I didn't book a holiday or trip as part of the scheme but did use Hollyman's travel when I went to the 92 Euros in Sweden on the back of an advertisement they'd placed in the programme, claiming they'd arrange packages with tickets, trains & hotels etc.

    They were an awful firm to deal with. At the time, the FA would only provide tickets to companies that were registered with them and I spent ages on the phone trying to arrange them. I ended up buying them directly from the FA.

    Then the train tickets from Malmo to Stockholm didn't materialise and again, I had to buy them myself.

    To top it all they had the f*****g cheek to call me about a month after the trip to say they wanted another £40 due to the flight costs increasing form the initial price.

    Naturally I told them where to go and also complained to the club but unsurprisingly didn't hear a thing back from them.
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    Imagine calling your holiday firm’s parent company The SOS Group of Companies. Sick sense of humour!
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    I thought this was a reference to where the players are on match days?
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