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Quickest route from The Valley to London Stadium on matchday

On Saturday, we're at the Valley for the Oxford match, but then also need to hoppit to the London Stadium for West Ham v Wolves at 5.30pm.

Any ideas on the quickest route? Especially considering its match day. 

So far, I'm thinking to grab a rental bike to North Greenwich (to skip the traffic) and then Jubilee. We've only got 45mins to travel door-to-door though and I'm not sure if there will be a rental bike to use. I'm thinking Lime bike? Does anyone know further?


  • If the train strike stays on, that's probably the best bet. 

    The operating boundary for Lime bikes is Charlton station, so you'll be unlikely to find one in Floyd Road, but there might be one on Charlton Church Lane and the streets to the west. 
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    I have traveled many times between Stansted Airport and The Valley and also from Bromley by bow.

    I would say on a Saturday you will need longer then 45 minutes especially after the game. You might be best leaving 10-15 mins early to avoid the crowds leaving to he stadium.
  • Leave 15 mins before our game ends like half the team appear to ?
  • You’ll do very well to make that journey in 45 mins. Definitely think you’ll need to leave our match maybe 15 mins early.
  • I go back to Stratford after each game. Bus to North Greenwich is another option. They usually get there fairly quickly and not as packed as the buses heading into Woolwich.  
  • You'll either hit our crowds or theirs, so it depends which match you want to miss 15 minutes of, basically. 
  • It's a fair old walk from Stratford station too, in case you haven't already done it. 
  • Throw in the fact our games never seem to finish before about 16:58 as we seem incapable of kicking off at 15:00. You'll be missing the last 30 to be at West Ham for kick off. 
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    Maybe get the train to Woolwich arsenal* and the DLR there. Then either jump on the jubilee line at Canning town, or stay on to Stratford. This would cut out the hike to north greenwich so saving a chunk of time.

    *Edit. Train strike permitting 
  • The last couple of home games there have been a couple of Lime bikes on corner of Woolwich Road and Anchor and Hope Lane. If their not there, there is a bustop outside Makro with frequent buses but traffic can be terrible on a Saturday.
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  • An Uber, ready &  waiting outside The Valley ? 
  • Just give the Charlton game a miss mate. Ot else leave at half time.

    You'll thank me for it.
  • The traffic leaving the ground, whether along the Woolwich Road or Bugsby Way will be terrible, especially with the train strike
  • Two struggling teams in one day. Are you doing it for a bet?
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