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What have we done??


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    time will tell
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    edited September 2022
    Good luck to him, not surprised as been keeping an eye on the Man City EDS games on twitter and have been seeing his name appearing - Bit like Tranmere with Blackett-Taylor, I'd be very surprised if we've released him out of choice, especially given he's ended up @ City so quickly.

    Hopefully we did offer him something, because if so they will be forced to pay some form of paltry compensation.

    Be curious to hear from the regular viewers of the Academy, to see if he has what it takes to make it there
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    time will terell

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    edited September 2022
    sam3110 said:
    released, or declined to sign a contract because he thought he could get better? (which is what happened with players like Semi Ajayi, for instance)
    Ajayi was offered only 6months as we had budget constraints and couldn't afford longer at the time.  He then looked around and found better. Not the other way around 
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    He's 19 and the other thread says he's been injured but it doesn't seem like he's been anywhere near the first team at any point.

    If lots of clubs were after him, and clearly City were, there must be something about him. I wonder if it's just a case of the timing never being right, or maybe other clubs see something in him that we don't? It's a strange one, I can't remember a player who caught such little attention going to a big club.

    With Aeter and Ajeymi, we were skint and very limited in who we could offer contracts to. Aeter was highly regarded but think he'd had either one of two leg breaks as well. Palmer, Sarmiento, and various others were younger so it's a little different. 

    Time will tell if this one matters or not, and also if we could or should have done more to keep him. 
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