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Your favourite letter in the alphabet

Beat R

What a fascinating letter.

There are the many Anglo R's such as the swinging Irish R, the speech impediment swallowed American R, the classy hinted tongue rolled Noel Coward R, the silent aloof one of academics, and of course - my personal favourite Rick Mayall: "Thatcher's bloody Brrrrritain!" Produced using his lips (genius...)
But it doesn't stop there...
The rest of us foreigners are rolling pretty magnificently too...
What about the French with the clear Edith Piaf ironic gargle, or the squashed stroppy nasal one, or the seductive nostalgic Maurice Chevalier long suspended tongue roll one.

Italy with the sliding 'Arrivederci Roma'

The Germans incisive as ever with their commanding dry one.
Morocco has given the world a beautiful R rated deep throated one, Brazil turned it into an 'H', China got an 'L' plate on it, Israel and Russia both invaded its neighbours with one, the list goes on...

Regal or what..?  



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