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Supporting Cancer Research

As in recent posts, sadly my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. This has meant that he can no longer go to see his beloved Charlton in which he has spent over 70 years going to watch home and away. In all the years he has been going I probably say he has missed five home games. 
Although I cant do anything to cure him what I am going to do is walk a half marathon for Cancer Research on behalf of him and many millions of sufferers not forgetting also their family and friends who also need support. 
As some of you know I am built for comfort therefore they will be a lot of training going in before the 29th January. 
Below is my Just Giving page so if you do a few quid kicking around after paying the electricity and gas bills and feel this charity is worthy of your support then click on the link.

Dean Chapman is fundraising for Cancer Research UK (


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