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Post-match Thread: Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic | Sat 3rd Sep 2022 3pm

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Charlton started their afternoon at Bolton with an all-out-assault that resulted in a goal on about three minutes. A bit of inspiration from young Rak-Sakyi—who pursued a loose ball with vigour, to gain unlikely possession and tee up Scott Fraser, who drilled the ball home—threatened Charlton fans with a very fine day out. Unfortunately, Bolton decided they wouldn’t wilt so easily. Some six minutes later, they conjured an equaliser, moving the ball from one wingback to the other, they bundled the ball into the back of the net with what seemed to be an arm, hip, and torso. Bolton steadied themselves, put us in their back pocket and went on to score again when we allowed them to waltz into our six-yard box and find the net again at close range.

Charlton came out in the second half with renewed intent. For about twenty minutes. Bolton absorbed the pressure and then responded.They scored a couple more, but one was ruled offside. Despite making (late) changes, we never looked like recovering. Bolton were better organised and much more fluid. They were also clinical in ways we just don’t seem capable of.

Though the afternoon started with optimism, it ended in familiar frustration to cap off a frustration-filled last few days.

Bolton 3 Charlton 1

Over to you.


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    Depressed. Good for 20 minutes out of 90. Praise for Fraser, JRS and the subs. The rest were way off what we need. 
    Lack of a back up left back is criminal. 
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    Absolutely criminal that we are going to be playing most of the season with Stockley up top on his own. It didn't work last season and even led to some (including myself) suggesting Davison might be a better bet as he's more mobile. Yet here we are. Another long season ahead. 
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    Poor display no strength in depth worried our season is already dwindling away.
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    So disappointing after the disappointment of the transfer window. You can’t bluff this league. Look at Ipswich. Buy well and you’ll challenge.
    Will be interesting to see how we respond at home. 
    Just can’t stand the constant mediocrity. 

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    "We are now four points behind what we should be on.
    If we beat Exeter, Forest Green Rovers and than Fleetwood away, then we will be two points behind target."

    the above post from seth plum is one of the oddest posts i have ever read on charlton life.
    .......unless of course it was tougue in cheek

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    Two points from 4 away matches. We need our home form to click.
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    both the performance, and the decisions to continue to lump it forward.

    stockley clearly not at it- didn’t win any headers, wasn’t strong enough at all, hold up play nonexistent!

    clayden clearly not a defender, at fault for the second goal.

    Garner has clearly changed the way our full backs play- noticed it last game and it’s terrible! Full backs are coming inside centrally leaving the 2 CBs at the back… just go back to basics and keep the fullbacks wide 

    kirk just not involved at all, not direct enough! 

    Very deflated, especially knowing this is how our season will go now… just pisspoor.
    CBT and rak-sakyi have to start next game, as does leaburn. Would probably play payne over morgan too!
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    Smithy said:
    Jokes aside though, our mid table squad that had a few freebies and loans added to it has looked like just that for the last 3 games. Today made it look like we’re a lot more than just a striker short. I really didn’t think Bolton were that good and they bullied us. 
    I fear that it's going to be the case that we'll do quite well against teams like Plymouth that are open and let us play, but we're going to struggle against teams that get in our faces.
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    Didn't watch this, but hard to square with fluent displays in the cups.

    Could it be that certain players who don't mess it up for us in the cup sides are doing so in the League? Naming no names of course. But Payne? 
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    Only listened to the game and Terry's commentary, but after a flying start  we then sounded absolutely fucking awful!
    Morgan, Stockley, Kirk and Lavelle sounded crap, Claydon is not ready for this level of football. JRS and Fraser sounded OK  but overall we got what we deserved....fuck all!
    Next 3 games we have to step up and play and win....then we might, just might get this season  going. 
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    Created chances but defensively THROUGHOUT THE TEAM that was dreadful.

    Leaburn must start ahead of Stockley next time, bring McGrandles in for Morgan just for starters. Lavelle just doesn't look good enough, prefer Inniss and Kirk needs a rocket up his arse.  
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    There’s gonna be a lot of overreactions after today’s performance, especially because of deadline day disappointment. But that’s only our second loss in 10 under Garner (all comps), and on the most part we’ve played good opposition. The season isn’t over by any stretch.
    Browny and Curbs are laying in!
    Deservedly so
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    Seeing Stockley getting pelters, but when we are that bad I’m not sure what else he can do. He was completely isolated up top, hell he had to come back to our own box to win possession in open play at times. 

    Sessegnon can’t come back soon enough. Clayden is getting shown up as a winger doing his best to fill in at LB. Loses his man far too often and was responsible for the free runner for their third. Think he could do a job in the front 3 once our actual LB is fit. 

    JRS and Fraser were good. O’Connell was steady. How Lavelle stayed on the pitch is a miracle. 

    Not sure what more Leaburn has to do to get a start, can’t do any worse than those who did start. 
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    lavelle not good enough
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    A 1 nil win and a battering of a side that will likely be in a relegation scrap - papered over the cracks we needed a few more players in to get a top 6 finish - guitar didn’t bother so that’s that 
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    Back to pretty much where we were last season in terms of performance. Sadly constant mediocrity is what we are having to endure. 
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    Leuth said:
    Didn't watch this, but hard to square with fluent displays in the cups.

    Could it be that certain players who don't mess it up for us in the cup sides are doing so in the League? Naming no names of course. But Payne? 

    Payne can only be subbed on for Fraser and he had decent game.

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    Defended badly today. 
    4 of us in our box for their second
    Simple set piece for the third. 

    Not enough service for Rak going forward. 
    Leaburn on too late

    Bad game management by BG, his first blot on his clean slate. 
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    The only consolation i'm taking is that our games so far have generally been against the divisions better sides. The games do now (on paper at least) look a bit easier. Minimum of 7 points from the next 3 games should be the target.
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