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Bill Turnbull RIP

Broadcaster Bill Turnbull has died at the age of 66, his representatives have confirmed.

Turnbull hosted BBC Breakfast for 15 years, in both London and later Salford, and also fronted Songs of Praise and game show Think Tank.

After leaving the BBC in 2016, he joined Classic FM, and continued presenting shows on the network until recently.

His family added: "Following a challenging and committed fight against prostate cancer, Bill passed away peacefully at his home in Suffolk surrounded by his family on Wednesday, 31 August."



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    I liked him in the mornings on the television.
    RIP Bill.
  • Very sad news... Probably the best presenter that the BBC have had in recent years on their Breakfast show. 
  • I was thinking about him on Saturday as he was a Wycombe fan. I was wondering how he was and whether he was at the game. He was presenting on GMTV as a guest presenter not that long ago and looked well. Came over as a genuinely nice bloke. RIP.
  • Very sad. Enjoyed him on the breakfast news. RIP
  • Bill was part of the morning routine for years. RIP
  • I really liked Bill on BBC breakfast, he was calm and measured with a lovely warm sense of humour and worked well with every presenter who sat alongside him. RIP Bill, my prayers and condolences to his family and friends x
  • Very sad news, I remember when he did the Stand up to Cancer Bake Off special, only to find he had cancer himself.
  • Sad news. One of the good ones on to. RIP.
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  • still a quite 'young' man .. R I P
  • Great presenter. RIP.
  • That's sad. He only returned to his Saturday morning programme on Classic FM last weekend or the weekend before after a long period off.
  • 66, that is no age. Really liked him as a presenter, RIP. 
  • Sad news. Always came across as a genuinely nice guy. Did a lot to raise awareness of prostate cancer since his diagnosis too. Please get yourselves checked guys.

    RIP Bill. 
  • Every morning he was the lovely next door neighbour that one rarely gets to have.
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    RIP. Always seemed a lovely guy.
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  • RIP

    I think that he was a big Wycombe Wanderers fan.
  • RIP - one of the good ones ! 
  • Seemed a nice, genuine guy. RIP Bill. 
  • RIP Bill
  • Bill, Sian, Carol, Steph, Sally, Matt & Mike all got me through some rubbish mornings.
    It felt like they were just talking to you.
    Lovely man, extraordinary journalist.

    RIP Sir, you will be terribly missed 💔
  • Heard this sad news on BBC Breakfast this morning. It must have been incredibly difficult for his ex-colleagues having to relay such sad news.

    He was one of the best presenters ever.

    Thoughts with his friends and family at such a sad time. 
  • RIP

    was a great presenter
  • Very easy manner about him. RIP
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