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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic v Cambridge United | Saturday 20th August 2022

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I’m too frustrated to comprehensively sum up this afternoon’s performance. We started out in control, which resulted in going into the half with a one goal lead. Cambridge were well organised behind the ball throughout. They had their opportunities in the first period, but never looked like scoring. We were comfortable, if not ruthless before scoring on about the 40 minute mark. Good team movement and three players in and around the six yard box resulted in a Scott Fraser tap in. We should have looked to push on now that the Cambridge dam had been broken.

In the second half, we lulled ourselves to sleep. Cambridge remained resilient, but brought more energy to their second half performance than their first. That was enough to work their way back into the game. They found the back on the net on about 60 minutes. 

Garner made changes, some tactical and some enforced (CBT came on and went off with a knock). I don’t think we corrected course enough and in time to make a real difference. Once Leaburn and Aaron Henry came on with about twenty minutes to go, we began to threaten again. We had more urgency and began to make chances. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to find a winner. Two points dropped.

Charlton 1 Cambridge 1

Over to you.


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    Have to get early touches to Rak-Sakyi if we want him to threaten and set an early pace for the whole team. 
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    Our injuries have started to mount. 

    I don't think Innis has the application to play regular football - something his concentration/motivation levels have not had to do all career.

    We really need to start using our cheat codes  :p
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    Second half had to do a double-take midway through it, thought I saw Jacko on the touchline with Euelly, watching Watson and Gunter trundle around the pitch chasing shadows for a second. 

    Really need to not let arsehole referees and time-wasting shithousery from away teams affect us so much
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    Really frustrating that. 

    Cambridge set up to stop us playing Garner ball. They pressed the full backs, man marked Dobson, which forced everything to come through our worst footballer. We have to expect other teams to do that, and unfortunately, Innis just isn’t good enough to play in this system. 

    We needed more from Kirk and JRS in that game. They failed to recognise the defensive shape from Cambridge, and didn’t work hard enough to find space. 

    I love Dobson, but today showed why Garner didn’t initially start him. He’s great at breaking up play, but lacks the ability / confidence to pass forwards. 

    Clayden did very well, Payne and Henry also looked good. 
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    Won't be too disheartened as it's early doors, but we need to win those games at home if we're going to go up.

    Today was a good look at how a lot of teams will set up against us and we will need a plan B if we want to break sides down. Could have played another hour and we wouldn't have scored a second today.

    Subs added nothing today bar Leaburn moving out wide. We need bodies through the door if we're already starting our injury crisis 
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    edited August 2022
    Initial thoughts:  Frustrating - but still a point nonetheless.  I don't think we win this game last season.  We left it a bit too late to go for it - I think with another 5/10 mins play we score and win; Payne brought great energy in the middle but just left it a bit late.  Henry - great passing. Clayden is not quite ready. Played well on Tuesday (against 10 men) but was poor tonight.  We need a quality left-footed LB to play alongside Kirk.  Fraser our best player - it went to pot a bit when he came off.  Lavelle deserved to keep his place.  Bench looked a bit thin. Need a pacy clinical striker, as we all know, to come on in the 60th / rotate with JS. Worry about CBT. Still, a good start to the season.
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    Frustrating but Cambridge deserved a point today. 

    No idea what Inniss was thinking just before their goal, lost the ball and then chased a lost cause in their half leaving us exposed. 

    Then when the keeper makes the save he’s not interested in what’s happening leaving their striker with a tap in. 

    There will be results like this in any season, it’s about how we bounce back. 

    Hopefully CBT isn’t too badly injured. 
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    These chances that stockly had, were they guilt edge?
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    mendonca said:
    Maybe look at a positive - we would have probably found a way to lose this game last season.
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    Hopefully a helpful kick to focus minds: we are good in this league, but not good enough to just turn up and expect to win; we will need to keep the tempo and intensity up. It is going to be a tight season with a lot of pretty equal teams, we just have to keep learning and moving forwards.
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    mendonca said:
    Maybe look at a positive - we would have probably found a way to lose this game last season.
    At least we looked like trying to get a winner after going level today

    Last season, we'd have shat ourselves at conceding and would have been relieved at a point
    This is a good point, but why did it take us until stoppage time to actually attack with any real impetus 
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