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Post-match Thread: Sheffield Wednesday vs Charlton Athletic | Saturday 13th August 2022

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I’m going to keep this one relatively brief. Unlike our last outing, we were fluid and effective form kick off. So much so, Sheffield Wed looked shellshocked and their supporters went from exuberant to quiet, to anxious in a short amount of time. We were fluid going forward and applied pressure that they found hard to play through. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the goal to reward our efforts.

It took 70+ minutes for Charlton legs to tire and Wed to gain a foothold and mount an attack. Even then, we looked comfortable at the back and Wed never looked like scoring. Until they did. Wed brought on substitutes and made tactical changes that I think Ben Garner was a little late in reacting to. On 80 mins, Wed found the breakthrough they were hoping for. 1-0 to the home side, despite being outclassed throughout.

Unfortunately, it was an afternoon with plenty to find comfort in, except the result! When we can’t get enough forward and numbers into the box, we’re always going to struggle. Today, we were lacking in the final third. Football’s a funny game: you don’t always get what you deserve, either way. Sometimes you get the points off a poor performance and sometimes it’s a great performance with no reward. It’s a long season and, for the long haul, I find comfort in our performance (I’d be less enthused if I followed Wed); we’ve got a ways to go, but we’ve got an attacking threat coming in and we’ve got plenty of room to improve. 

Sheff Wed 1 Charlton 0


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    Draw, win, loss from our first three games. Mid-table form from what will probably be a mid table team unfortunately.

    Disappointing result. We desperately need a striker or we aren’t going to do much this season. 

    We looked like the better team for about 70 mins, but we tired badly after that and Sheffield Wednesday had very decent players that they could bring on whereas we really don’t.
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    Should be a Happy Clappers fest this one...
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    well i got that wright, went the way i thought. if you do not have recognised strikers who can take the chances this will happen more often during the season.
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    cazo said:
    Stockley was shit as was Kirk not fucking interested sell stockley if we can and Kirk thay are shit
    Apart from that, all good?
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    Hopefully TS is being told we need a new forward.
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    edited August 2022
    In order to win promotion you have to win games like this.
    Seriously we were the better team and lost.

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    Great first half performance but second half felt like it was all Wednesday. Desperately need a striker for this system and I'd be switching up the starting midfield as I haven't seen anything from Fraser in all the time he's been with us.

    Lots of things to be encouraged about there, but it's another late goal conceded and could have easily been a couple more added after the opener. 
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    The front 3 who started are the worry for me and where the goals will come from. I think the collective unit is my main worry rather than individuals
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    I'd have subbed Stockley and Fraser at half time. Kirk wasn't great. Rest of the team played well.

    i don't think Stockley is going to fit this style of play. He's too static and doesn't chase the ball down. Yet to see Fraser have a good game to be honest. Kirk meh..
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    Forward that can play how garner wants, as stockley can't, slows the whole attack down
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    We had plenty of chances to win that. 
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    Anyone still want to tell me Stockley will get 20+ league goals?

    Hes a good player but not in a 4 3 3 or as a lone striker. We worked that out last year under Adkins. Charlton love to do the same shit different day.

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    lets not look to Aneke to make our season. will be lucky if he plays in 50% of games and mainly not 45 mins either.
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    Leuth said:
    I watched the second half. 

    Our main issue to resolve is the centre forward. 

    If McGrandles would start resembling a footballer, that'd be nice too. 
    Agree with this completely. Disappointed in what I have seen of McGrandles so far he looks a donkey
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    we didn't take our chances and therefore didn't deserve anything, we desperately need a striker who plays to this system.
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