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Is The Love Back ?



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    Yup we lost today but if anyone cannot see the progress being made must be blind imo. Hopefully we can continue to build on the style (and sign a striker 😂) if we play like we did today we will win alot more games than we lose this season
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    Our style of play gives me hope. We all know we're lacking goals in the team but so does Garner. JRS joined on loan to improve our threat from out wide. I hope Garner not commenting on a striker coming in is to help our chances in the transfer market rather than wanting to avoid the question. I still wouldn't rule out a central midfielder stepping up and getting a decent goal return.

    Look where we were in February when we played Wednesday. That team needed shipping out. This team needs time to improve and a few tweaks.

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    Not quite back yet but the signs are promising. This style is much better than anything we've watched in a long time, we're bringing in players to fit the system and Garner speaks in an honest and direct way that fans appreciate.

    That said we all know that there is a large section who aren't happy at how the club is run, a few bad losses and the usual boos and sniping at each other will come back. I just hope we can go on a long enough winning run that it will keep everyone happy, this tricky opening run of games is a real test to that.
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    edited August 2022
    The way we play is promising but results count. We need another striker as it’s not fair to expect Leaburn to lead the line yet. 

    I’m still a bit in ‘wait and see’ mode. 
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