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RIP Judith Durham

The female voice of The Seekers has passed away aged 79. RIP 


  • Blimey we were only watching her on youtube yesterday and my Wife was saying her Dad was in love with her when he was young. RIP.
  • superb voice within a very talented vocal group .. R I P
  • Absolute class, underrated, had a beautiful purity to her voice.
    RIP Judith.

  • Very sad. Such a recogniseable voice.

  • Lovely voice RIP.
  • RIP Judith. Her voice is beautiful. 
  • Could still hold a tune in her old age. Remarkable lady. RIP Georgie girl. 
  • RIP Judith. We'll never find another you.
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  • Blimey, was only YouTube surfing the other night and bumped into The Seekers.

    The Aussies will be distraught, she's a national treasure.
  • I always thought the seekers were a bit passe when I was a kid ( in the mid 60s) but when I hear the songs now I really appreciate the quality of her voice . RIP 
  • Watching her only the other day. What a shame. RIP. 
  • What a voice. A truly remarkable lady. One of my absolute favourites. RIP Judith. 
  • Beautiful singer RIP.
  • Stunning voice. Crystal clear purity. RIP
  • Sad news for those of us 'of a certain age.' Judith was very talented. RIP
  • As others have said - what an amazing voice.
    Let eternal light shine upon her.
  • Beautiful singer, RIP Judith. 
  • I know why I don’t like these R I P threads, it’s because it could be me next! None of us know how long we’ve got:(

    Can’t say I was a fan of the Seekers but she did have a good voice. Sadly, the Carnival is Over.

    R I P Judith.
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  • As people have said already she had a beautiful voice.

  • Wonderful singer, she had a beautiful clarity to her voice.
  • Sad news - during my stint as a ten pound pom The Seekers were always on the radio and the songs come to mind when I think of those times. A bit later I realised that very few people could sing like her, I thing she had that elusive thing called perfect pitch.

  • The Seekers where a joy to listen too,another part of musical history leaves us
    RIP Judith thanks for the memories.
  • Very happy memories of a Seekers concert in Wellington in the ‘60s when the group were in their prime, Judith’s voice sublime.

    The Victorian government will honour her with a State Funeral.
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