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    I learned this back in the late 1980s when I coached women's football at decent level.

    Don't compare, just treat the women's game as something different.  Pool v Snooker ... same skills, but the games are not comparable.

    I have enjoyed the Womens' Euros.  Some nice passing play ... although generally only achievable because players are not closed down sufficiently well.  And 'world class' strikes from distance?  Hmm.  Maybe ... or maybe poor keeping. 

    But none of that matters.  It's fun.  It's great to see the upsurge in interest and long may it continue.

    Here's the metric, though, for those who talk about equality:

    When a mens' Club sign a promising new player and he is asked "How did you first get involved in the game?", he replies ...

    "Well, my Mum used to play a bit, and I always kicked around with my sisters, so it just seemed natural."

    Might take a while.
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