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RIP David Warner (Actor)

The great actor has died a few days short of his eighty-first birthday. I recall him first in The Man With Two Brains, but a glance at IMDB shows he had over 200 film and TV roles to his credit! RIP  


  • RIP. Evil in Time Bandits too.
  • Sinister in Titanic too. RIP
  • Blimey I thought this was for the cricketer for a minute! RIP
  • RIP.
    It may be worth editing the title to actor as I thought it was the Aussie opening batsman.
  • RIP

    Any chance you could put actor in the title?
  • Good Innings RIP
  • In my favourite war film Cross of Iron. Many many great performances RIP
  • Saw this yesterday.  He was in so many films I remember,  RIP a great actor.
  • very well known face .. R I P
  • Brilliant and compelling actor.
    Prior to casting was my pick to play Snape in the Harry Potter franchise, but that other British great Alan Rickman was cast and made it his own.
    Was only recently enjoying my old DVD of the film Time after Time, with DW perfectly cast as Jack the Ripper opposite Malcolm McDowell's HG Wells.
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  • shirty5 said:
    Good Innings RIP
    Not if you're 80 and looking forward to your next birthday :)
  • RIP. Evil in Time Bandits too.
    Still one of my all time favourite films.
    RIP Sir ♥️
  • Famously lost his head in The Omen.

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