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Statbank - new stats needed

I would like to give the statbank a makeover this season without changing and of the basic parameters.
I have been giving you the same stuff for a few seasons now, my knowledge of the various websites that offer footie stuff is limited and guess that some of you know far more about it than I.
So please give me some web sites I can raid to get different info on our players match by match


  • Would an expected goals stat be something you could get from an online website of some form? I know it's something people look at far often nowadays, I'm not a stat junkie myself so have no idea what you can find in the vast reaches of the internet.
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  • Whoscored is probably the best free one around for player stats for each game 

    In terms of xG, usually has league 1 games up the next day which gives overall xG timeline and then the top performing individuals for xG and xA
  • thanks Naby, yes whoscored is one that I do use, I'll have a look at the other one
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    Websites are surprisingly crap with football stats. Surely a gap in the market there. Although access to Wyscout and Opta is expensive. 
  • Could we have a league table for player marks average, like the assist and goal scorer one pls? 
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    You put more than enough work into the stats LL and they are always appreciated.

    One thing that WhoScored does post-match is split the shots taken by area of the pitch (ie six yard box, penalty area, outside the area). Might be a reliable way to give context of the quality of goalscoring chances, without having to track down xG numbers from potentially unreliable twitter accounts.

    edit to add: if you go to the match center for a particular game, scroll down and select "chalkboard". That is where you will find the context information about where shots were taken from (labelled "zones") and even whether they came from open play, set pieces or a counter attack (labelled "fast break").

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