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Morroco high atlas

Has anyone done this before? 

It is a challenge that is scheduled for September. I'm hoping to do it to help raise money for a particular charity. It is for UCL hospital research. 

I know it has an altitude of 4km and it's a desert scenery. 

I would have to raise £1,400+ via just giving before July the 20th. 

I need to get the ball rolling with it. I've donated £195 myself so far.

My work place are likely to chip in. 

Any thoughts and or advice?

If anyone wants to raise money for a charity of your choosing, you have the time and you like the sound of an outdoors activity....feel free to join 👍


  • I have been up the Atlas mountains in Morroco, great place. 

  • robroy said:
    I have been up the Atlas mountains in Morroco, great place. 


    Cheers, would you recommend a good camera?
  • Something I still intend to do at some point. Been to Morocco twice, once for a coastal surf holiday, and the second time to Marrakesh but my wife was quite heavily pregnant at the time. For some reason she didn’t fancy the Atlas mountain excursion. Selfish. 
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    I did a day trip up the atlas for the waterfalls - really good day.

    Some of the back packing campsites you walk through are mental. Genuinely couldn't believe people would pay to stay there for weeks on end
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