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Dear all. The family of Graham Tutt would like to thank everyone for their wishes and support while he continues his battle. I'd like to bring some better news but Graham remains critical and on life support since the operation three weeks ago. There have been various setbacks but he is hanging on. This will be a long and very painful road for him - something of course he is very familiar with. There is a huge amount of concern for him but all we can do is hope that he has the strength to come through. His family are very grateful for all the messages on here and the kind words that have been said about him. I will try and update as and when I have news.


  • Thank you for the update.
    Keep fighting Graham.
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    Thank's Matt for the latest on Graham, we are all with you Graham and look forward  to a speedy recovery, our thoughts are with you and your family..

  • Thanks Matt. We’re all pulling for you Graham.
  • Sorry it's not better news but thanks regardless
  • Oh really……that’s not the news we were all hoping for.
    Hang in there Graham, the fight goes on mate.
  • Really hoped for better news, but hope will have to suffice. Keep fighting Graham.
  • Keep fighting Graham!
  • Thanks for  update Matt, hang on in there Buster,  we're all pulling for you. 
  • Keep fighting Graham 🙏🏻
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  • Thanks Matt. Keep fighting Buster.

  • Thanks for the update Matt, keep fighting Graham we are all praying for you 
  • The man is a fighter and an Addick.

  • Tutty, keep going mate.
  • It seems you are a strong man and a fighter, keep at it Sir and hopefully you'll win.
  • Hang in there Graham and come back to your family.
  • Best wishes to Graham and his family. He's overcome massive adversity before, and i hope he can do it again now.
  • Thinking of Graham & his family.
  • I'm sad to say Graham has passed away. RIP.
  • Has this been confirmed?
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  • So very sad. RIP Buster.
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    Sad, news on Grahams passing, Was a part of my Charlton history. Condolences to his family and friends. I remember him claiming a fingertip save at Plymouth top of table clash, when all team said Argyle player put past post. He came to fans on train, home saying….. tell them tell them, I bloody saved it…….

  • Such sad news RIP Graham was a pleasure to have seen you play 
  • Sleep tight, Graham.
  • Enjoyed reading his book, never got to see him play was a year before i started going but remember reading about him in the match reports made me want to be a keeper. Rip Buster
  • Gutted. 
    One of the best keepers we've ever had.
  • RIP Buster.
  • Oh dear oh dear. The worst possible news.

    RIP Graham
  • RIP
  • This is really sad.
    Rest easy and thank you for everything ♥️
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