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The Oak

Speaking to the land lady last night!Pub shuts today and re-opens on the 25th August!However they have just taken over the H&G and that is open now!also they are opening the back garden in the H&G never even new they had one!


  • has the HnG been refurbished?
  • Yes they have been working on it
  • cant wait to see it on the 11th
  • Well i dont think the HandG has actually been refurbished, more like a lick of paint and as mentioned the other week there is a big back yard there with outhouse and everythign which they will open up and put a bar out there knocking out bottles of beer.

    Still be the anchor for me..
  • the management of the Oak must be stark raving mad. The only decent earner it has going for it, has all summer to refurb, then does it just before the season starts, missing 2-3 big pay days. Mad.
  • Have you never worked with builders before? the work started at the end of the season. Its a massive job which has hit all sorts of problems. they are just being realistic.
    They are only missing Scunthorpe. Cant see being busy for Braga.
  • To be honest looking at the state of the refurb i would be amazed if it is ready by the 25th Aug more like mid-end Sept!
  • It was the size of an average through-lounge to start with. What the hell have they done ???
  • Making a square type bar!extending the far right side section out into the alley bit!also taking out the kitchen bit to make more space for the bar!i saw the drawings a couple of weeks ago and does look good!and bigger bogs extending that part out as well
  • Will there be room to play darts in there now then
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  • Yes and skittles
  • Also they are having a FPO section
  • And a APRAWA singing section
  • they have knocked the wall down and extending into the garage which was next to the darts board.. i thought they were putting a bar also down along that side as well as the middle one.
  • And a hang a palace fan section
  • [cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]Also they are having a FPO section

    thought you said they had done away with the kitchen

    *run for the hills*
  • havent you some ironing to do or something.

    can you bexley boys give him a decent cab firm number for the village?
  • The only one in the village is sherberts - depends what time you want a cab for .

    If its closing time sherberts are shite , try broadway express up bexleyheath 0208 304 1999
  • Cheers Shag,is the sherberts one next to the station?
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  • With all this Bar Extension thing being done will this reduce the queueing time for a drink to less than 30 minutes ?
  • echo broadway express, if done say an hour in advance. they're not great it you ring at 11pm and want one for 11.20pm.
  • Yes they say within 15 mins Ketman
  • one would hope so ketman - be pointless otherwise.

    and have you really queued that long? you only go in afterwards, its beforehand thats a nightmare... thats why bar brenda is open before the game.
  • The stella and vodka pad you mean
  • it will probably make it worse, because it will mean that more people will be able to squeeze to the bar. Its the amount of staff and their ability that needs improving. Only when it changed you realised just how efficient the old team were.
  • Sorry I was exaggerating of course but have waited 15-20 mins after a game before, not their fault, they work bloody hard behind that bar. Looks like it will be Bugle both before & after game for next few weeks then.
  • Anchor is good mate
  • yes he paid top coin (in terms of bar work) and it showed.
  • [cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]Cheers Shag,is the sherberts one next to the station?

    Yeah thats the one mate . You out tonight down there ?
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