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The floods and what we take for granted that we can/they can't do?

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We have all seen the pictures and it made me think what i'm doing every day that the flood victims can't do.Many people can't survive without everyday gadets that we now take for granted,how would you cope?
every day things i can do that flood victims can't

i can recharge my mobile phone
i have electricity,internet,tv and papers
i can have a breakfast with tea or coffee
i can wash with clean water
i can cook a hot meal
basic everyday stuff but not if you're stuck in an apartment/flat and stranded
Also will cause a problem with the food supply as farmers have lost everything.


  • hmm, go watch a happy film mate...?
  • You're right that the food chain will be effected by all of the wet weather - not just the floods - but I wouldn't worry too much about the farmers. Despite their moaning, they do alright.
  • We don't eat much food made or grown in the UK so that one is not a problem.
  • My sister hasnt had a bath since sunday, soapy. they are not filling up the water tanks at the end of the road either so everyone is struggling.

    wet wipes must be coming in handy!
  • I've got family and friends in both Cheltenham and Glos. One family still own a place in Oxford (they moved for work but had trouble selling) - they're actually going to Oxford for showers and drinking water every couple of days!

    Apparently there are a lot of people going to friends' places in other counties to wash.
  • yes she driving down from cheltenham tonight. the kids have been taken to friends for washing.
  • Don't underestimate the effect on the food cycle. I heard yesterday that a third of the countries pea crop has been wiped out within a week.

    Also heard from someone who works in a restaurant there is a real supply problem, and as a result prices have sky rocketed.
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