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Congratulations to Sunderland

…at last they’ve got out of this fucking awful league. Just hope we follow them
at the end of next season. 


  • Yep pleased for them. they’ve suffered enough.
  • Yep well done Sunderland! Wycombe were rubbish, but you can only beat what's in front of you.
  • Wycombe we’re so shit
  • yes well done up there and don't come back
  • Yep. Good club. Good fans.
    Hopefully we’ll join them up there next season, then we can beat them in the playoffs for the prem the year after. 😎
    (I can dream can’t I? 😂)
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    I think they’ve got a much better manager than when they played us in 2019. always thought they’d win, I’m not so sure if they’d stuck with Lee Johnson that this would have happened.
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    A real competitor for next season gone which is a positive for us. 
    What about the other 10 (or whatever it was) that  finished above us?
  • Yes , well done to them , they've suffered enough
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  • Congratulations 
  • Fully deserved by the fans and I doubt there will be many other fans that will begrudge them their day. Personally sad as they were my favourite fixture of the season and will miss it if we dont go up
  • Really pleased for their fans - they hugely deserve today. Hope they push on from this.
  • Good fans. good club well done
  • Glad they have finally made it. They have done their time in this shit league and some. All the best to them.
  • The year we played them in the final, it was said that they had never one a final against a team who wears red and white, lucky the played Wycombe
  • Well done The Black Cats.  After the anguish we have caused them over the years, i take this as a win.

  • They only won because we didn't play them
    See, if they'd have lost, I'd have been worried that we'd end up meeting them in the final next year, and they'd have made it 3rd time lucky.
  • Good luck to them.  Unless they come back down or we get them in a cup, we won’t be playing these guys again for a while.
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  • Wycombe tend to resort to shithouse tactics, and I always felt they wouldn’t be able to get away with that at Wembley. Congrats to Sunderland, and let’s hope we can follow them up next year. 👍
  • Fair play to them, but,     we'll meet again don't know where don't know when but bet your bottom dollar we'll meet again. 
  • Pleased for them . Well done The Black Cats 
  • Well done Sunderland, pleased for their fans.
  • Congratulations Sunderland
  • Gutted for Ebbsfleet however 
  • guess they're all down Trafalgar square. pff, tourists... 
  • We usually do well v Sunderland so I'm not as ecstatic as the rest here!
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