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  • What a night that was.
  • Christ, I look at that now and it makes me weep.
    Bielik, Cullen, Aribo, Taylor et al ... all that talent.
    Players that the fans could idolise and get excited about.
    Just seems so stark in contrast to that pile of poop we watched last season.

  • The perfect way to celebrate my birthday. The only other time I'd seen us play on my BD was the Swindon play off game.
  • Shocking......

    Team full of loan players, losing at home, thugs on the pitch and singing ultra songs.

    Those were the days!!

  • Honestly the best atmosphere I've ever experienced.
  • Watched that game with three other Charlton supporters in a bar in Ypres.
  • A few people around me during that game clearly couldn't count penalties and thought we had another one to take. Only realised we were through to the final when the entire team started celebrating.
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    The moment between Marquis goal and Pratley goal was probably one of the worst couple of minutes watching football. Convinced we had thrown it away and was never going to be back at Wembley anytime soon.

    Sitting in the west lower. Convinced Rowe penalty went in and took me a couple of seconds to understand why everyone was cheering.
  • Honestly the best atmosphere I've ever experienced.
    For me, certainly the best at home since the all-seater era. 
  • A lot of the playoff semi pitch invasions I see always seem really staged and a bit fake. I feel ours was a genuine expression of joy after years of utter shite. 
  • Unbelievable. Such a great night.
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    Such a great night and such a long day …. worked in the morning , drove up from Devon , met my son outside the Valley at about 7.15 … god knows what time the game actually finished , but I got home about 4 am … but I  wouldn’t have missed it for the world … great night . 

  • Brings a tear to the eye, what a night, what a season, lets hope those days come again.......and soon!
  • Certainly was another one of them nights we will all remember. 
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  • Simonsen said:
    Honestly the best atmosphere I've ever experienced.
    For me, certainly the best at home since the all-seater era. 
    Kind of agree - the years of shite, on and off the pitch - play off semi final settled on penalties - full house for the first time in ages - first time going to new Wembley

    But Prem years (all seated of course) had some crackers as well - 3-3 vs Man U was an electric atmosphere, beating Ipswich in play off semi 98 was a great atmosphere (ok Championship) albeit no roof on West Stand (some would say that would make no difference 😂😂) and my recollection of when we beat Arsenal at The Valley for the first time since the 1950’s (or maybe 1940’s ??), the place was bouncing 

    I am sure there are others

    But - yes - the outpouring of emotion was incredible vs Donny that night - so it’s defo equal - a nearly 49 year old me running on the pitch, behaving like a teenager, and then realising that my knee hurt from running around a personal highlight !!!
  • What a night that was

    The commentary "Aribo, Djiksteel, Beliek, Cullen, Taylor".   What a team.
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