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Club honours or world cup?

If on the way to market you met a strange old man with a sparkle in his eye, who says he can grant you one or other of the following options, no catch, which of the two do you choose? . 1) club glory. As a player In one season you win the Prem, the Champions League, FA cup, community shield, super cup, and world club cup. 2) you win the World Cup for your country. 

I asked this question to my boys and they chose 2 without hesitation . But what would you choose? I’m not sure. 

No idea if the old man’s word is solid. He smells a bit. 


  • Well if I supported a big  6 club then it might be different, but as a Charlton fan imagine winning all those trophies? As a player, surely winning 6 trophies beats 1 as well. 
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    2 - World Cup winner is the pinnacle imo.
  • As a player option 2. As a fan option 1
  • Option 1 - winning the league for Charlton would, personally, be better than winning anything else for anyone else. 
  • 2 - World Cup winner is the pinnacle in imo.
    100% - there is nothing bigger in world football. Just imagine two old men showing their grandchildren their medal collection - one has umpteen club honours, CL, league winners et al and the other just has one, a World Cup winner's medal - I know which grandad wins! 
  • Option 2 all day long
  • If I was playing for Charlton 1
    if Charlton were my clubs rival 2 
  • 1
    As a fan just one of the 3 main trophies in 1 over 2. I would love England to win the World Cup but seeing Charlton winning the FA Cup would be unbeatable. 

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  • Old man with a sparkle in his eye granting you a wish = run away AFAP #StrangerDanger

    Charlton  > England.
  • Wouldn’t mind winning the World Cup playing for the poorest country in the world to give their population something to enjoy.
  • so what did you get from the market? 
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    so what did you get from the market? 
    A strange old man.
  • Can't choose where I was born, can choose who I support. Club > Country
  • 2 all day long. There is nothing greater in our sport than The World Cup.
  • It's a difficult one because it's always been Charlton over England but at the same time, it's also 2 for me. I think the way club football has been run over the last 20-30 years and especially in the last 5-10... the magic of winning anything has somewhat disipated...

    Would be a good question to ask Leicester fans. Would they swap their PL title for the World Cup?
  • How many of us can name most or all of the World Cup winning side of 1966?
    Even those of us born many years later?
    Apart from contemporary, died-in-the-wool fans of the clubs concerned, who can name any of Tottenham or Arsenal's double winning squads; Liverpool's European Cup winning sides, even ManUre's treble winning side?

    A World Cup victory still conveys enduring fame.  I'd go so far as to call it immortality.
    Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks, were probably the world's best at what they did at the time, they all had other notable achievements but '66 is what they will always be best known for.

    Suzanne Charlton the weather presenter, was as famous for being Bobby's daughter as for being on the nation's tellys every evening for years.

    Playing in a winning world cup team would ensure lifelong acclaim and respect, so long as you didn't balls it all up and splash your sorry decline across the tabloids and soshall meejjya

    (most) players have always moved from club to club, diluting their legacy, up til now that's not possible for international football

    World Cup.
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    Dazzler21 said:
    Can't choose where I was born, can choose who I support. Club > Country
    The question in the OP doesn’t indicate that it’s anything to do with who one supports - but the preference you would have if you were a player.

    Doesn’t necessarily mean it has anything to do with Charlton either. 
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  • As a fan no brainer always club over country. Was lucky enough to get a ticket for the euro final against Italy and although i was gutted, it hurt way more when we lost to Swindon in the play offs for example. 
    As a player tricky, gonna go with World Cup.
  • If Charlton won the premier League or a highest division league trophy - it would be a timeless euphoric feeling.

    I don't think anything could or would be able to beat it. Especially if you are a player.

    Would it be better than winning a world cup with England?

    I'm not sure. It is quite hard to answer that one!

    If you won a world cup for England, I can imagine that feeling would eventually go to your head. 

    Charlton, on the other the league, celebrate, have a massive piss up go on holiday. Enjoy yourself.

    Pre season is then around the corner so you better get back to work!

    My answer is....option 2. 

    I didn't actually think that would be my answer. It's hard to say no to a world cup.
  • I'm not that fussed about being remembered and tugged off by all of England 
    But if I became a Charlton Legend that would tug my boat very nicely ...
    Sam Bartram flicks me more than Gordon Banks 
    Charlton over England all day long .
  • Club over country all day long
  • 2

    id be a hero for helping Scotland out the group stages of a world cup, imagine winning it! 
  • The thing is option 1) would surely never be repeated. You would have been part of the greatest team ever assembled. Someone wins the world cup every 4 years. No team or individual therein would ever repeat what you achieved. If it was glory you were after surely option 1 is better.
  • No brainier as a fan, club before country every time, 
  • Can people stop answering as a fan 

    the question is clearly stated as a player what would you prefer 
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