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Hi, Thinking of a break in Istanbul. Anyone been, and can recommend a hotel?
Went over 30 years ago, but cant remenber much. Hotel needs to be fairly central to city. Would like a roof terrace if possible. Your thoughts appreciated


  • Haven’t stayed at any of these yet, but we have been recommended the Ritz Carlton. Looks nice, but isn’t the cheapest by any means. Another in a similar vein we have been recommended is the Pera palace.
  • Sagmalcilar is one to steer clear of
  • Thanks guys, will look into those. (well not the Sagmalcilar :))
  • Sorry no recommendation from me. Worst hotel I ever stayed in was in Istanbul. Blood on the sheets and monkey nut shells under the bed. Seem to remember problems with the plumbing too. That was over 30 years ago now, but knowing how badly the place was run I'd expect it to still be the same  :s
  • No recommendation from me as I stayed in a cheap but cheerful place. 

    however, I’m very, very jealous. Istanbul is my favourite city in the world, amazing history, beautiful architecture, fantastic people and mind blowingly good food. 
  • Air BnB is very good for a longer stay (3 days plus).
  • I stayed in an airbnb which was fine, over on the European side in Galata. 

    It really is a wonderful city, can't wait to go again.
  • Thanks guys. Still looking. Trying to firm up my dates
  • Melrose said:
    Thanks guys. Still looking. Trying to firm up my dates
    I can't help with Turkish hostelries unfortunately,  but Anusol works wonders for them. Unless you want to go down the alternative route, in which case Aloe Vera gel is my preferred ointment of choice.
  • wipes rather than toilet paper
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  • I stayed in the Anadolu hotel back in 2019 which was fine. I wouldn't say it was better or worse than any other hotels, but it's the right location, near the Hagia Sophia etc. A small section of rooftop seating, but not really a terrace. A steep climb to the upper floors and roof also

    We regularly ate/drank at this place
  • I am in Turkey currently and travelling upto Istanbul from Canakkale on Friday, we are staying in the Mamara Pera,

    It's a good standard, very central any the groups I take are always happy. 
  • Thanks for all comments/links. The research goes on :)
  • The 'Empress Zoe' a wonderful boutique hotel within easy reach of everything, well worth checking it out.
  • Thanks Ted. Yes, one I've looked at. Will look at more closely. Cheers, Melrose
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