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Petition in Ben Jay's honour


UK Government and Parliament

PetitionReview NHS care for 16 and 17 year olds

It varies whether 16 or 17 year olds are treated through paediatric services, or adult care. This can mean 16 and 17 year olds don't receive the care they need in a timely way. A review could identify issues with current practice and look at how to ensure this group receive the care they need.

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  • @Garry_Jay1964 I have signed xx
  • Signed.
  • Hi @Garry_Jay1964, thank you for posting this. I'm pleased that you are looking to use your experience to make things better for others in the future.  I'd like to be supportive, but I feel like I need a little more information before committing to the petition. Sorry, I don't want to burden you but have you got some more information as to what happens now and what you'd like to see happen.
    • You say it varies whether 16 and 17 year olds are effectively treaded as children or adults, but what does it vary on? Is it a practical decision made on a case by case basis (I'd imagine some in this group would be very mature and could be treated as adults, whilst some may not be so emotionally developed and be in need of a bit more support). Does it vary according to the condition diagnosed or is it one of those horrible postcode lotteries?
    • What would be the scope of the review that you'd want to see? Is it simply around the type of treatment they receive (adult v child) or are their wider questions around how they are cared for?
    • What specifically would you like to see come out of any review? As a parent who has been through possibly the cruellest experience that life can throw at you, what changes would you like to see to the way that Ben was dealt with?
    Thanks in advance for an additional information you can give.
  • I know this is very important to Garry & Sharon and of course, very close to their hearts.

    PLEASE sign and share far & wide until the amount of signatures required for further action to take place is reached.

    Signed with love & hope x
  • Signed, no 264.
  • I’m number 284 😄
  • Signed
  • Signed 
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  • A contribution to Teenage Cancer Trust would be a good way of helping other teens. It's a wonderful charity that builds units specifically for teens and young adults with cancer. They get to be with their peers rather than kids or older people and the nurses and doctors are specialists and the facilities are terrific.
  • Thank you so much for the additional information @Garry_Jay1964. I hope you are successful with this and have signed.
  • Signed 
  • Signed
  • edited April 30

    Signed, only number 334 and a long way to go still but as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Each signature we can all collectively add is another single step towards getting some momentum going. Well done for starting this.
  • I signed & shared it a few days ago.
    We have family & friends that have cancer in their teens. Thankfully they’ve all had wonderful treatment & are thriving. But I feel it really is a lottery & postcode dependent.
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  • Signed.
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  • _MrDick said:
  • Good luck with this Gary.

    Signed No. 384
  • Bumping this from page 2 ! This needs to be on page 1 so that everyone will read & sign it. 

    Garry has added something I think will not only guarantee your name on the petition but also remind you just what this family have been through and of the tragic outcome. We promised that we'd never forget " Our " Ben - this is just one small but vitally important thing you can do in his memory. Thanks.

    " We are doing this petition in our Ben's memory to try to help other teenagers aged 16-17. Many like Ben get lost in the system currently set up in the NHS. When they turn 16, paediatrics don't want to start any treatment as they are nearly classed as adults. The adult care won't take you on until you are 17. Sadly Ben got caught up in this & eventually got diagnosed with cancer 3 months before he turned 17. If we can help just one teenager it will be worth it." 

    Poignant, heartfelt words indeed. Please just add your name, post it on your FB page & share by email . 

    It's not much to ask when you could be part of the process needed to save the lives of those young people currently victims of the system.
  • forgot to say I signed - have forwarded to all my mates as well
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