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Sean Dyche sacked



  • That's a shocker 
  • Burnley are relegated then - Wont be surprised to see them drop even further now

    Although Allardyce is available?
  • He wont be out of a job for long.
  • Personally thought we would leave at end of the season. His stock is too high to be back in the championship. 
  • Ridiculous…. 
  • His trajectory from here will be much better than Burnley's. Screw their new owners.
  • Disgraceful. Dyche has previously proven his ability to get Burnley promoted back to the PL - numerous relegated clubs have failed to do so at the first attempt. 
  • Crazy. And why today, when they last played on Sunday and their next game is only in 2 days time.
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  • Madness.....madness.
  • Who sanctioned the sale of their top scorer to a relegation rival.
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    If they're looking for a new manager bounce they should get on the phone to Johnnie's agent. 
  • iaitch said:
    Who sanctioned the sale of their top scorer to a relegation rival.
    Wasn’t a release clause triggered?
  • I know you can never really tell what's going on with a club unless you're following it daily but that one seems madness to me. It's an 'all in' move gambling on a short term bounce which completely goes against the grain that's served them so well until now. 
  • se9addick said:
    iaitch said:
    Who sanctioned the sale of their top scorer to a relegation rival.
    Wasn’t a release clause triggered?
    It was yes, so technically they didn't sanction it because they had no choice.
  • Didn't like him after his comments about helping lesser clubs out during the lockdown. But wasnt expecting this.
  • He only signed a new 4 year deal in September so won't be cheap to get rid of.

    Clearly they feel after that miserable Norwich defeat that they're going down with Dyche, so this is a last throw of the dice to potentially save themselves. Why not sack him after that game though instead of waiting all week?
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  • Madness!!!
  • You reap what you sow. If they go down and don’t get the next appointment spot on in the Championship, then just like us you won’t see them back in the Premier League for a considerable time 
  • "Under-23s coach Mike Jackson, assisted by academy director Paul Jenkins, Under-23s goalkeeping coach Connor King and club captain Ben Mee have been asked to take charge of the team for Sunday's game with West Ham United"

    At least they've got a good managerial plan in place then.......
  • They’ll go down again next year 
  • They’ll go down again next year 
    Depends who they keep. I'd assume Pope, Tarkowski, McNeil and Cornet will leave, but if they reinvest some of that transfer money (big if looking at the owners lack of spending) then they've got enough good championship level players to do well next season and Vydra and Jay Rodriguez will score goals.
  • That is a mental decision, there isn't a single club in the championship that wouldn't take him as manager and I'm sure he will probably have 1 or 2 prem clubs knocking on his door 
  • Mental decision. Everton would have done well to pick him up if Fat Frank hadn't have rolled up at Goodison.
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