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  • Just devastating. Due to see them in Lisbon & London in June and this is just awful news. Watching Taylor’s wide smile as he played was so infectious and a massive part of the band and what made them so very lovable. Gutted. RIP 😢
  • Awful news. 

    My favourite band. 
  • Not a fan of them but that is awful. Sad news.
  • Such a shame. Due to see them in June too.
  • Very sad. RIP
  • What sad news. RIP. 
  • Holy shit. A devastating loss to the entire music industry.1 of the very best 

  • Devastating news. 

    Wonderful musician and always seemed a shine of light in interviews and at live shows. 

  • A true rocknrolla, a form of sheer energy that cannot be taught 

    Rest in peace 
  • Really sad news - was a big talent and seemed like a fun guy. Poor Dave Grohl having to go through this again.
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  • Devastating RIP
  • Very sad.  I really liked them when I my music tastes were adapting in the late 90s/early 2000s away from Indie.  Great musician.  May he Rest In Peace 
  • The Foo Fighters just started out as simply Dave and a touring band, I bought the first album out of curiosity, as a fan of Nirvana.  Dave eventually formed the band from friends and those he toured with, they became part of what makes the Foo Fighters great.  They play a good brand of rock without ever taking themselves too seriously, there is no ego.

    RIP Taylor, 50 is far too young.
  • Really sad news - was a big talent and seemed like a fun guy. Poor Dave Grohl having to go through this again.
    Gonna be so tough for him 
  • Awful news. RIP
  • Awful news to wake up to. Foo's are one of my favorite bands.

    RIP Taylor, you will be greatly missed. 
  • Terrible news. RiP sir and thanks for the music. Go beat the drum in heaven.
  • Absolute shocker … I’m stunned. Came across as such a nice guy in interviews. RIP
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    Incredibly sad news. As others have said seemed a really likeable bloke. Loved his drumming and also the lead vocals he contributed to several of their songs. RIP
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  • Terrible news. Fanstastic drummer and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. 
  • Watched a couple of his interviews and videos when I attempted to learn how to play the drums over Covid. Struck me as a really nice person. RIP
  • You know you're good when you're the drummer in Dave Grohl's band. RIP
  • Very sad - was such a  big part of them being so incredible to watch live, and always seemed to be a very likeable guy whenever I saw him interviewed.

    50 is no age.

  • That’s terrible news, a great drummer and had a decent voice as well. Have a look on you tube of him singing Rock and Roll with Dave Grohl drumming and Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones. 
  • Very sad, key part of the foo fighters 
  • wow. Awful news to wake up to. Rip. What a character
  • RIP Taylor.
    I seem a jinx on the Foos. 
    I had tickets to see them a few years ago, which was cancelled, when Dave Grohl broke his leg. 
    I've also got tickets to see them 30th June (I think). 
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