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Rodney Marsh RIP (wicketkeeper)

One of the great characters of Australian cricket.


  • Caught Marsh bowled Lilley became a part of Australian cricket for many years.   Coincidentally both retired at the same time, each with 355 dismissals.  Rod Marsh was behind the stumps when skipper Greg Chappell got his brother Trevor to bowl underarm to prevent a six which would have won the ODI for NZ.  His protests went unheard.
  • He said his hands were like raw meat after a day behind the stumps to Thomson and Lilley.
  • RIP Marshey
  • Great player. 
  • I recall the great Richie Benaud commentating on an Ashes test match as Rodney tried to apprehend a streaker running onto the pitch famously saying ' and that's the first hing Rodney marsh has caught all day'😀
    RIP Rod
  • RIP one of the greatest.
  • RIP, a great keeper and character
  • That was a great Aussie team and he was a world class keeper. RIP
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    I remember not liking him. But this was simply because he was such a good player and played against us. I wished he played for England. Of course as you mature, you understand and respect him for what he was. A truly great player and indeed personality. R.I.P.
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    ran into Rodney once at Doctor Jim's club in Croydon, he tried to nick my beer .. ended up having a chat with him  .. Rodney Marsh was very good company  .. he started off as a very underwhelming keeper and finished a very good one .. R I P
  • RIP Rodney
  • I was once in a pub after a game at The Oval and Rod Marsh was sitting at a table drinking with Greg Chappell and Dennis Lillee. Probably the biggest moustache collection outside of the Vauxhall Tavern at that time. A man and his son spotted them and apprached the table. I can only imagine what they said but as the man walked past us on the way out he simply said to his son "Well, if that's their attitude I wouldn't want their autographs anyway"!

    Those guys played hard in more ways than one, back in the day when cricketers were characters.

    RIP Rodney.

  • what a team the Aussies had,Lilee remains my favourite fast bowler of all time,Rodney Marsh was a vital part of that great team,He must have been made of iron to consistently keep wicket for Lilee and Thompson.Good old days,
    RiP Rodney.
  • It was a toss up as to who was the better keeper, back in the day. Rod Marsh or Alan Knott. RIP Marshy
  • RIP. A great keeper, and part of a legendary group of Aussie players in the 70s
  • Fine player and coach.

    RIP Rod.
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