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Giving false names, payment references etc

Any good tales of this? 

When I run a Sunday team, one of our supporters punched an opposing player as he was running down the wing. He told the ref his name was Mr Willy and I then had to go a series of league meetings to Mr Willy and the incident.

saw the below this morning…


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    Christ I better be careful. I bank with starling and when I transfer money to Mrs Otto, the references I use are “bumming fees” and “vaginal intrusion”.
  • Christ I better be careful. I bank with starling and when I transfer money to Mrs Otto, the references I use are “bumming fees” and “vaginal intrusion payment”.
    I think they know those references are optimistic, you’ll be fine
  • Huskaris said:
    If I know a friend's mortgage is up for renewal etc I'll always mark payments "bum sex" or "strippers" etc when sending them cash. 
    100%. Services rendered or something like that whenever making a payment. 
  • Seriously though, I work for an international payments company and we have one client whose address is Cuba Industrial Estate (its up north somewhere)  and every single payment gets stopped by the US banks asking is this payment linked to Cuba, purpose of payment,  what is the reelvance of Cuba on this payment etc etc
  • I used a false name once in my life when a mate and I managed to blag our way into the after party of the world championship snooker tournament in Sheffield. 

    I spent some time chatting with Jimmy White before consuming a 3 course meal and a load of wine.

  • I started work at the Bank of England in 1970. I spent a year in the department that dealt with transfers of British Govt. Stocks. If a particular stock transfer was complicated, or even mildly suspect you would sign it off with a false name. M Poppins, D Duck and M Mouse were all popular. My usual sign off was G Raff.
    The reason for this was that the BoE back then had a process called "regrets". Basically, if you were responsible for the Bank having to write more than 3 letters starting with the phrase "I regret to inform you..." you were out of a job. So you didn't want to be associated with getting something wrong.
    On the plus side, you started "work" at 9:30, had, a coffee break,  a couple of hours for lunch in the Dandy Roll or Old Watling, a tea break (usually with two poached eggs on toast because you hadn't eaten at lunchtime) and if you could sign off 200 transfers in a couple of hours, you got home to Sidcup in time for Jackanory and other kids TV delights like the Clangers, Ivor The Engine, Mr Benn and The Magic Roundabout. Happy days!

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