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A show at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford…..

I make no apologies for posting this (!!), and yep I am plugging this show, and that’s because my Daughter and Son are in it

13th to 16th April and it’s a musical based on the songs of Elvis called ‘All Shook Up’

The show is being performed by a Dartford amateur group called DAODS

But don’t let that put you off - they are VERY good indeed, and you will think you are watching a professional performance I assure you

My Daughter is 24 and my Son is 22, so it’s not a junior group - my Daughter is playing one of the main roles, and my word she can sing (and that’s not Dad being biased)

Tickets can be booked here 

Info about DAODS is here - they were formed in 1906, and are a registered charity - you can see their previous shows on there, incl photos showing the quality of their shows - they have to hire The Orchard and the props and the costumes etc, so for every show they need to sell sufficient tickets to at least cover their outlay 

Get yourself down there and have a good time - I mean it’s Elvis songs, what’s not to like !!!


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