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  • RIP, that's a real shame. Was lucky enough to catch them live a couple of times when my car was in the display at Kenney Jones' polo club for the Rock 'n' Horsepower events.

    They really impressed me and was surprising how heavy they were at times.
  • Had such a distinctive voice

  • RIP. A unique and splendid voice.
  • RIP great singer 
  • RIP. A unique and splendid voice.
    Spot on RIP Gary.
  • Great voice, but small confession - I can't stand WSOP - the other stuff, great. RIP Gary Brooker.  
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  • A really great top draw artist from the golden age of British Rock.
    Rock on Gary ….RIP fella.
  • Whiter Shade of Pale is the only song of theirs that I know but what a song it is. Such a great voice. RIP
  • Saw them at the Rainbow back in the day....RIP.
  • bobmunro said:
    My wife and I walked back down the aisle as a newly married couple to the church organist playing 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. He seemed somewhat surprised when we gave him the sheet music but he played it superbly. So an absolute soundtrack of one of the three best days of my life on this earth.

    RIP Gary
    Surprised indeed was the organist.
    Must have thought to himself: 'now where do I know this piece from...'

    RIP Garry
  • Bit of a tradition for anyone who went to their gigs.

    We skipped the light fandango
    Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor
    I was feeling kinda seasick
    The crowd called out for more
  • Another great artist gone,as someone of the this era,I am ,like all you other oldies getting really down at losing so many of the people,musicians ,sportsmen and sportswomen that I grew up alongside and idolised.
    Whiter shade of Pale,was a musical Icon,and still makes the
    hairs on my neck stand up when I hear it.
    Saw Gary a few times playing with Bill Wymans  rythm Kings, a band that boasted at various times,Georgie Fame,Albert Lee,Martin Taylor and many other great artists.
    RIP to a legend

  • Did some really good stuff. I think he did a session once with 5/6 bass guitarists including Mark Knopfler and Mark King. Maybe wrong. RIP.

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