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Repair a Macbook Air

My laptop has completely died and I've noticed that the fan has been working more often recently.

It makes doing the stats somewhat difficult, can anyone recommend a repair place I can send it rather than use Apple who are too expensive


  • I've used Logo Systems in Greenwich a few times and they've been excellent.

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    There can be a lot of reasons but I noticed similar with my latop (windows, not an Apple) then it started shutting down out of the blue. I got a local repair bloke to look at it and he said it could be the thermal paste. It can dry up after a few years and it is there to fill in the microscopic imperfections that otherwise trap air particles between the CPU and the heatsink, preventing the CPU from properly cooling.

    The problem is that if you ignore it, it can eventually fry your processor. I was lucky and he applied new paste and the problem was cured. It may not be that, but the excessive fan issue rang a bell. I hadn't heard of this before but I don't usually keep my laptops more than two or three years. But this one is working fine and it would be a lot of time to get a new one set up with everything I have on this one. It feels much faster now, almost like new.
  • There's an Apple specialist in Bexley I can recommend: Fruit Geek. Fitted an SSD into my old Mac and it's super fast now.
  • I had my MacBook fixed last year by a guy near the royal standard. Decent price and was done in a day. Can try to find the number if interested. 
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