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International Fans' Forum meeting notes

Supporter representatives from around the globe met with Owner, Thomas Sandgaard, and club staff via Zoom on the International Fans’ Forum last week.

Topics discussed included the upcoming International Supporters’ Day, international shipping of merchandise, purchase of The Valley and international academies.

Supporters can read the full meeting notes here.


  • Finances
     AP asked TS about the state of the club’s financial situation and asked what his thoughts on that are. TS said that last season was very expensive especially due to Covid with no fans in the stadium for most of the season, but he expected that when he bought the club. He said that this season he is still investing in the club. Spending on players has been increased a little bit compared to the previous season. He said that the investment is to create a core of players that can be counted on for the long term and are good enough to grow with Charlton. He said investing in long-term contracts puts the club in a better position moving forwards. He said he has also invested in the ladies team and getting the academy to a category one academy, so that long term the club will benefit. He said the academy costs many millions of pounds every year and is expensive to run but does have a big benefit to the club. He said we have the 14 th best academy in the country, ahead of some Premier League teams and some category one academies. He said he is proud of that and wants to make it even stronger. He said the academy has a good foundation and is really well managed
    He said there’s more potential to improve revenue (with increased attendance) and that he’s working on that. He said he’s losing about £8m this season but he hopes to get closer to break even next season. He said to get closer to break even will in part be due to increased commercial sales, whether that be tickets, hospitality, streaming, club shop. He said that filling up the stadium is key when it comes to improving revenue. He said that CharltonTV had been an example of where an increase in investment, had improved the product and had generated a large increase in revenue. He said he hopes to make slightly less investments in the future while generating higher revenue based on the investments he is making now.

    Repurchase of The Valley
     JW asked TS if he still intends to repurchase The Valley. TS said that this is a very complex issue but that his short answer would be absolutely yes. He said he is in regular contact with Roland Duchatelet and Lieven de Turck. He said the sooner the better for agreeing a deal and he is definitely working on it. He said it may take some time but he is trying to find a way. 

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