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International Supporter’s Day

Hello to all International Addicks!

We have made it and now have a permanent place in the calendar of events of our beloved club.
The 2nd of April 2022 (Charlton v Lincoln City) will be the 1st official INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTER'S DAY at the Valley.

This season two days have been earmarked for world-wide CAFC supporters.
Since the 2nd of April 2022 date, due to the Covid situation, will primarily be a virtual meeting, there is still a second date. 
The club is also planning to showcase international fans around the Burton game on the 19th of March 2022, as part of Valley Gold & Academy Day.

Are you a UK Charlton fan and live outside the UK or maybe you’re an Addick who has found his new home in the UK and proudly wants to present your national flag?

if you are then this INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTER'S DAY is YOUR day!

Are you interested in actively participating in one of these days supported by the club?

A stadium tour, a museum's visit, breakfast together in the Valley and much more are planned on the match day vs. Burton.

The Lincoln match day is also dedicated to international fans. In addition to international greetings over the big screen, introduced by fans on Charlton TV, an additional international beer will be available at The Valley. Former international players are also invited to become part of this day in person or in an ambassadorial role. Prepare to be surprised!

You’re curious and you want to learn more about these days and maybe even participate actively? Then drop us a note by personal message and let us know your email address.

All your questions will be answered and more details about the process will be provided and also find out how you can contribute ideas for a successful day. 

Be a part of it and celebrate this special day with us and all Addicks around the world!
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