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P11d tax question

When you are reading a p11d is it written from the employer's perspective?  i.e. "Cost to you" is that the cost to the company of providing the benefit (rather than any amount the employee has contributed towards it)?



  • Obvs it's treated as income but don't know if the company would be stating gross or net. I would like to think it's net taking into account of any conttibution. If you don't mind me asking, what is the benefit in question and have you any hope of working it out based on your contribution?
  • Thanks for the answer red10.  I think maybe I've misprhased the question.

    What I mean is when it says on the form "Cost to you £x" is the "you" the employer ie. my company?
  • If youve contributed to the cost, the benefit to you is the excess, ie the net cost to the employer. But worth checking with the company/payroll people. In my experience P11ds are frequently mucked up.
  • Thanks, yeah I left the company 9 months ago and had to request it the other day from them.

    I think that's answered the question in that the amount shown is the benefit I received and therefore will include in my tax assessment.

  • It is the cost attributed to you by the company of the benefit provided to you by the company, net of any contribution you have made toward the total cost. Thus, if the cost is say private health care and you are permitted underthescheme to add family members at your cost it is the total assessed  cost of the cover for you and your family, less the contribution you have made.
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