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Issues with embedding tweets

The story so far: over on the Charlton Women to rebrand as "Charlton Ladies" thread, @man_at_milletts mentioned he was having some problems seeing posts where people were linking to tweets. After a little bit of initial testing, I'm now moving further analysis over to this thread, to avoid derailing the original and to provide an easier point of reference in case anyone else is having similar problems.


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  • W10 desktop.

    OK, @man_at_milletts I've tried replicating it at this end, and it makes no difference which version of the site I use, but I do get different results depending on which browser I'm using, which suggests it may be a browser settings problem somewhere. In Chrome, the URL of the tweet flashes up briefly, then it disappears (so it looks like the screenshot above) but then a second later I see this:
    On the other hand, in Firefox I have Enhanced Tracking Protection switched on, and that means it doesn't automatically load the images most of the time, just the URLs instead, like so:
    If I turn the tracking protection off, then the image loads as normal. This suggests to me that there's some kind of scripting that hides the link and loads the image, but that it's falling over before the image loading bit happens. That may be down to settings in your browser, some kind of browser extension that's causing a problem, or something machine specific at your end. I can suggest a few things to try, but I'm not sure it's something we're going to be able to fix for you.
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    Yes, I suspected it maybe a browser issue and Firefox recently updated on me and that's when the issue started.  I think also as you say it's the tracking protection. I will play about with the browser setting, thanks for your help.

    ** Edit I am viewing the site in Microsoft Edge now and it all appears OK. I will have a closer look at my Firefox settings. Cheers.
  • There is one thing I am sure about. I am completely lost in the Apple eco-system, so PCs tablets and phone are all Apple. It also means that Safari is my default browser for all of them.
    I can only embed a tweet using my desktop Macs. In IOS it doesnt work. However that might be IOS or it might just be Safari. A lot of websites dont like Safari. Including the Charlton Dossier back end  :/.  I will try Chrome on this iPad later and see how it works. 
  • On firefox on Mac, having the same issue - embedded tweets not showing up.
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