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  • Just bought mine. Still in a great mood after a fantastic night in Morecombe. Everyone up there did CAFC proud. Mate who was with me couldn't believe how loud and passionate our support was. More of the same at Shrewsbury and this one i imagine 
  • Will be my 7 year old Son's first away game. He's buzzing for it already! Making a weekend of it as my Dad/his Grandfather is Plymouth season ticket holder after moving to Cornwall a few years back. 
  • done .. booked in for a few pre Christmas days in Torquay, the 'English Riviera' with a trip to Pilgrim Town thrown in ((:>)
  • Are Plymouth providing three free tickets for everyone bought? 
  • Got got our 2 tickets, 1st game this season and 1st away game since we returned to the south 
  • @lancashire lad I will look out for you, trust you and the wife are finding the move to the south west conducive to your health. Although I no longer contribute to the match stats I do follow them and thank you for the time and effort spent in there production. 
  • This is equivalent distance for us as Charlton is the Brighton. 

    Until a couple of weeks ago I thought it wasn't going to happen, but things have changed and all is good with 2 tickets ordered. 

    Only worry now is Covid, we are currently in the area with the uk's highest rates. Mrs TT came through it recently, so it's just me now. The local school has 70 kids with 50 of those out due to covid!

    Don't worry, I will test before coming. COYR😊
  • 300 sold so far
  • Wasn't sure how these would sell but that's a good start. Would be nice to get close to a 1000 down there.
  • Got three yesterday weekend away 
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  • Just got mine...
  • 400 sold 
  • 400 sold 
    I'm not going to this one, but if you need me for photos the train fare stands at £90 return.
  • 500 sold
  • Gutted to be missing this one.
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