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South of the River

Documentary series on BT on the wealth of football talent coming out of South London.

First episode was on tonight.

Lookman and Gomez featured but who was the kid in the Brixton cage in the Charlton top?


  • Did Charlton get much of a showing - surely were the top producer of talent in south London!? 

    Or was it the usual sky/BT production where it focused on premier league teams and the talent they bought for their academies 
  • This episode wasn't about academies but we didn't get much of a mention but neither did palace or the Scottish team.
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    I have watched the first two episodes of this BT series and it's an interesting insight into the hungry mainly black or duel heritage footballers from the mean streets of South London where post codes rule. The mantra from the kids are we want to make it so we can buy a house for our parents, or mum in many occasions. Unfortunately only a few will be in that position out of the thousands of kids that are A trialists for young academies. Most of the kids featured had been released from academies, I didn't realize the bright Eberechi Eze from Greenwich had been released by four pro clubs before making it at QPR and getting into the Premier with Palace.

    Because of Covid, the first two episodes were filmed before March 2020. Bobby the white lad who we see playing at Whyteleafe is shown coming off with a back strain, days before a trial at Spurs. Depending on editing we see him again in the 3rd episode where we find out more about his future.

    His mum saying Bobby  was released by Cafc at 11 and she had to tell him sounded unusual and I would like to hear Charlton's comment how they deal with lads when there are released from schoolboy training programs. 

    I know Harry Hudson quite well and
    Sky have been filming Kinetic for a while featuring different lads playing for example for Corinthians Casuals in this year's FA youth cup which was represented by some of the best of the U18 lads at Kinetic. Each round the team in theory gets weaker as Fernando was signed by Sheffield United and Ralfi Hand joined CAFC.  A young 16 year old Keeper Reggie Rose is also highlighted with the up and downs which come with the manic world of football and hoping the scouts see you perform well and miss the games when you don't !

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