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Worst boss you ever had

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Someone recently mentioned the Southall story, where Charlton staff walked into a boardroom meeting only to find him draped in a barber's cloth and being given a haircut.

What's your worst boss story and what did they do?


  • Former Charlton chief Matt Southall launches High Court insolvency action  against club over unpaid fees

    And they expect us to believe that?
  • Worst boss I ever had was having an affair with her boss, who was married. Needless to say when anything went well guess who got the credit, and whenever anything went badly guess who got the blame. Luckily my boss' boss got fired, so I only had to endure that for few months.
  • @EastStand watching you very carefully here!
  • I worked for myself for many years!
  • Irish woman, similar age to me, she was a coke fuelled lesbian with a hatred for straight guys who were "a bit laddish". Constantly bullied by her, continually blaming things on me that weren't my fault, talking down to me, getting me to do all the shit dogsbodies jobs and never praising me for anything. She was the general manager and I was meant to be the bar manager, but she persuaded Head Office that I wasn't up to the job (she was fucking one of them) and I got demoted, and her best friend became the new bar manager. Absolute he'll on earth for about 6 months working under them, but I was a stubborn fucker and refused to quit or transfer to a different bar. When the pandemic hit she fucked off back to Ireland for a bit and when she came back they moved her to a different bar, thank God. 
  • @EastStand watching you very carefully here!
    Don't worry, you were a great boss! 

    Worst was probably one of my GMs at a certain Brockley pub. Lazy as all fuck, spent all day sat on the computer in the cellar - even when we were slammed on the bar trying to make enough money to keep her in her job. 
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  • @DaveMehmet was actually my manager at Channel 4 many moons ago. The worst thing he ever did was breath. 
  • @DaveMehmet was actually my manager at Channel 4 many moons ago. The worst thing he ever did was breath. 
    A 2 day rim-fest will do that to you.....I reckon.
  • @DaveMehmet was actually my manager at Channel 4 many moons ago. The worst thing he ever did was breath. 
    Wondered how long it would be before you piped up. You weren't exactly the model employee!
    I’ll give you that. “Difficult to manage” would be a fair assessment. 
  • My boss when I worked over Bow for a paper recycling firm. I worked nights, shunting lorries, driving clamp trucks, weighing lorries in and out on weighbridge etc. On a Friday, the depot manager would go round the pub at about five and would still be there when we come in to start our shift. His friend would get dropped off and drive them back to where they lived to continue their drink, so we'd be constantly looking over at the offices to see if his car was still there, as he was always likely to come over into the warehouse, pissed, and start laying into people in front of his friend (never really done it to me, not sure why). Anyway, this one Friday his car was there for far later than ever before. It got to about midnight and one of the side doors to the warehouse slowly opened, we're all expecting pissed up boss to swagger in, but it was a copper. Me being the unofficially elected foreman, went over to see what the problem was. She said she'd had a report of a serious assault take place in our yard. I explained that everyone was fine, and there must've been some mistake to which she just asked if it was okay to have a look round. I went back to what I was doing and about half hour later went outside to find two police cars and an ambulance over by the office, surrounding pissed up boss's car. I went over to find all the lights on, coppers sniffing round all the offices and paramedics treating pissed up boss in the front seat of his motor, blood, and blood covered handtowels absolutely everywhere in the offices with a massive puddle of blood in the toilets. I went back outside and, by now, pissed up boss's two sons had turned up wanting to fight everyone. It turned out, pissed up boss had got a bit mouthy round the pub and someone had stabbed him. He'd stumbled back to the yard to try and clean himself up, called his wife and, maybe in a vain attempt to cover the fact he'd been at the pub since five, he'd told her that he was working late and one of the blokes had done him in the yard . Not sure if I was his son’s number 1 suspect, but it was a bit touch and go with me and them until a copper explained to the three of us that pissed up boss had lied and he was assaulted outside the pub (this was the first that I knew he’d spun his Mrs a story and it was in fact her who called the police, rather than send his sons down as he’d asked). He asked if I would tidy the office up and have an early shoot, all in all a good night in the end. Anyway, he was a bit of a knob…..

  • One guy i had who was my engineering manager, one of those guys who could talk the talk but he had a degree in a non engineering topic, just right at our place to be engineering manager.

    He was one of those who did monthly performance reviews and give impossible tasks, that were not in your trade discipline. He would give you tasks like working out the load bearing capacity of a concrete ramp that a fire engine would go over.

    You would have to learn that discipline to give him the answer, when you did he would give it to someone else to check. He did those sort of things to all his engineers. One of ours got wise and said do nothing unless he asks you twice.

    He was a bit of a bully if you showed weakness he would be all over you, so i had to stand up to him and he liked fencing with you so you had to measure it. 

    he is now head of site engineering so dont have much to do with him now.

    He is also a good mate with a friend of mine and socially he is a different animal.
  • My first job, you had to sign in every morning when you came in. At 8.30am the boss would take the signing in book into her office and you had to sign it in red in front of her.

  • He weren't my boss, but when I done work for Cartier in their storage and repair unit, the bloke who run it was an ex-Coldstream Guards officer. You had to go through his office to get in and out of the place, and he'd have his security blokes giving you a pat down and sift through your tool boxes, while he sat at his desk staring at you as they did it. He also had laminated signs throughout the building, with rules on for the staff. Remember one in the canteen went on about filling the kettle back up and boiling it, when you finished making a drink, to prevent the next person standing around waiting to boil from cold. Was a good paragraph long. 
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  • Recruitment really does breed a lot of these sorts of stories in my experience.
  • My boss has always treated me alright, a shame I saw him come out of the toilet with our administrator a month ago.
    Things are a bit strained at the moment due to his antics, whatever they were.
  • When I was doing my A Levels I worked at Lillywhites in Bromley, the glades. 

    The conditions were probably what you’d describe at 1st world slavery, minimum wage, 33 degrees in the shop all year round, staying behind to tidy up without getting paid or you lose all your hours, getting spoke to like a dog, wearing a diardora polo that you had to pay for yourself and having your boss time your lunches on a stopwatch.

    One time one of the floor managers banned “speaking about your future”.  Said he heard too much talk on the shop floor by part time students, which made up the bulk of staff, about their plans on further education and potential careers etc.  I actually found this hilarious but you can imagine the outrage by some particularly nowadays.

    Comfortably the worst job I ever had but it genuinely was a bit character building.
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    My boss has always treated me alright, a shame I saw him come out of the toilet with our administrator a month ago.
    Things are a bit strained at the moment due to his antics, whatever they were.
    Silly of him to get caught out like this - he must have known what your cleaning schedule was? unless you haven’t been writing the times on the back of the door. 
    I only clean the men's shitter.
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