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Keith stroud the referee for Gillingham game

Can it get any worse.... He likes a card so hopefully it is for Steve Evans 


  • He's gonna shit his pants the moment Steve Evans starts his bloody whinging isnt he - No way is he gonna stand up to that
  • No way we should moan about refs at this level. We should moan we are playing at this level. Poor refs are part of the deal and need overcoming. Being poor is not the same as being a cheat and I doubt any of the refs are that.
  • After last Saturday I don't care who referees or plays. 
  • Stroud refereed us very competently last time he reffed us, I recall
  • Leuth said:
    Stroud refereed us very competently last time he reffed us, I recall
    Agree with this. I''ve seen him ref a few games recently & he isn't as bad as some make out.

    As also agree with another pp.......we have bigger problems than a shit ref. 
  • Ross said:

    Lino's reaction screams 'tosser'. 
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  • If things could not get any worse.
  • edited September 14
    I just hope he jumps on Gillingham players running from as much as 30 yards away to block a quick free kick.
    At The Valley they stood in front of the ball on every single occasion and the ref did absolutely nothing to stop them. Only retreating at a snails pace into the bargain.
    One booking early doors and they’d have all thought twice, I was livid but the ref did sweet f all.😡
    I hope someone from our set up points this shyte tactic out to him before kick off.
  • Stroud's a wrong'un
  • What on earth have we done to upset this fella, it’s like he’s got a personal vendetta against us.
  • All the refs are against us, it’s just not fair 
  • saw he was reffering the swansea v hull game. failed to give what looked to be a certain penalty. 
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